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The rights of young mums

According to the Federal law « About welfare payments to the citizens having children » the working (insured) women, and also the women trained on a full-time course of study on a paid and free basis have the right to maternity and birth benefit. To the idle (not insured) women payment of maternity and birth benefit by the legislation is not provided.
maternity and birth benefit is paid totally for all term, which duration of 140 calendar days (70 before sorts and 70 after the delivery), in case of the complicated sorts holiday increases for 16 days. At a birth of two and more children it will make: 84 days before sorts and 110 days after.
to the Working women who are subject to obligatory social insurance, maternity and birth benefit is established at a rate of average earnings (the income taking into account all kinds of payments) in a work place, for the last 12 calendar months, without considering month of approach of holiday on pregnancy and sorts. To the woman having the insurance experience less of 6 months, maternity and birth benefit is paid from minimum wage rate calculation (with 01. 01. 2009 minimum wage rates it is equal 4330 rbl. a month).
In a case if the insured person works for several employers, grant payments are made in each place of work.
to the women dismissed in connection with liquidation of the organisation and registered in bodies of a placement service with a view of search of suitable work, maternity and birth benefit is established at a rate of 412,08 rbl. a month, and trained – at a rate of the grant also it is paid by social protection bodies in a residence.