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This mysterious appendicitis


-   a leah Will help at an inflammation of an appendix infusions of grasses?

- Know, if   in   an appendix   has begun   purulent   process grasses it you will not stop but only you will grease a picture. You should see a doctor.

- And symptoms of an appendicitis at all identical?

-   At everyone   the patient   this illness proceeds   absolutely on - to a miscellaneous,   because people can have a weight of specific features. For example, at all   the   the painful threshold, happens also an atypical arrangement   an appendix.   in most cases – it is a pain at the top of a stomach, going down downwards   on right side, vomiting, sometimes rise in temperature.   In such cases these signs can be confused with a poisoning. Therefore some consider that « they have eaten something » also aspire to clear simply a stomach, and   it is necessary to go to hospital urgently.   therefore to equal on relatives and neighbours it is not necessary!

- And how it is possible to define, what is an appendix has inflamed?

-   First of all,   survey of the doctor - the surgeon who will appoint the inspection scheme is for this purpose necessary.   if doubts remain with the doctor,   now   it is accepted to carry out   diagnostic   a laparoscopy. And if the diagnosis proves to be true, under indications   it is spent traditional   or   laparoskopicheskaja operation   -   removal   an appendix.


- a leah Truth, what if is many sunflower seeds, sooner or later it is necessary to delete an appendicitis?

- I too heard such version. However any scientific and practical   it has no acknowledgement.

How to get rid of stones


At me   in a gall bladder and the doctor suggests it to remove stones. And it is impossible stones as - that separately to deduce, shatter?

- Was in the history of surgery and such stage   treatments zhelchekamennoj illnesses. Stones tried to dissolve, split up, did operations, deleting only stones, leaving thus a gall bladder.   however at such treatment there is very high risk to receive serious, life-threatening complications. Deducing of stones means their passage through channels which, as a rule, it is considerable already stones. They can be corked, having called the strongest pains and a jaundice. In such cases the decision on operation should be accepted quickly, and operative intervention becomes already more technically difficult. If   even a stone « leaves » from a channel,   in a gall bladder new stones will be formed. So now stones in a gall bladder « dissolve » very seldom and corresponding preparations are appointed under the limited indications. More often already after removal of a gall bladder for preventive maintenance of education of stones in liver channels.

- And if I stones small and them have not enough?

-   For indications to operation   the size and quantity of stones   have no value.   all very individually.   at times unique   a stone   in some millimetres can cause more troubles, than big,   an occupying all gall bladder. However anyway there is a risk of development of complications of this illness. Therefore   At times   indications to operation are   even   then,   when   stones and at all do not disturb the patient.

is a difficult operation?

-   On my deep belief, simple operations do not happen.   for the skilled surgeon it is operation « each day » with the fulfilled technique. A bubble with the help laparoskopicheskogo   toolkit   will leave together with   stones through a small cut.   for the patient operation is transferred considerably   easier, than traditional « polostnye » operations.

Olga Matveevna:

- At me zhelchnokamennaja illness, but I do not feel any pains. Than all - taki is dangerous this disease?

- Complications. Quite probably that these stones also will not disturb you never. However the risk of is high that the gall bladder wall will inflame, probably, stones will move and « will cork » it, having formed thus the closed cavity with an inflammation and a suppuration. Small stones can get to bilious channels, having called a jaundice.   stones influence and pancreas function, calling the hardest pancreatitis. Therefore to live with stones in a gall bladder – it to live with risk of development of the most different complications which can demand urgent operation. And at last, the risk of development of a cancer of a gall bladder above at patients with zhelchekamennoj illness is very high.

the Pancreatitis looks younger

Maria Igorevna:

- In my twenty years` son have found out a pancreatitis. But he does not want to hear about any treatment. What diet needs to be observed at this illness?

- it is obvious,   it is a question of a chronic pancreatitis. At such illness a food should be frequent and small portions. It is necessary to exclude sharp, zharennuju, smoked food. Prefer boiled and steam, is more rare to stewed dishes. It is possible to eat bakery products from grades of wheat of a rough grinding, low-fat and not sharp   soups, dishes from low-fat grades of meat and   fishes, sour-milk products.   and more one very much an important point: sick of any form of a pancreatitis alcohol in any, even the smallest quantities, including low alcohol drinks - beer, tonics, cocktails and so on categorically is forbidden. However,   insistently I advise nevertheless to consult with the doctor – gastroenterologom, and if necessary and with the surgeon for definition of all high-grade complex of treatment.

Igor Evgenevich:

- Me recently did operation, and   there were soon severe pains in a stomach. There is a suspicion on adhesive illness. From what it arises also a leah dangerously it for life?

-   After any operation on a belly cavity in a stomach solderings are formed. If they settle down in such a manner that do not squeeze and do not displace bodies, do not press vessels, a gut, a stomach they as a rule, do not disturb, are not life-threatening and treatment do not demand.   in certain cases solderings can break   intestinal   passableness, pressing a gut gleam. Or   a gut « it is wrapped » round soldering.   in such cases develops intestinal   impassability   urgent hospitalisation   also is required; within several hours, intensive treatment and frequently emergency   operation – a section of solderings.