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If hair do not have no glamour by nature, it will be presented by KIN KOSMETIKS!

the Spanish passions

One of these days in Minsk there was an event which symbolose an ascension of a new star in the beauty industry - To IN Cosmetics - arrival to capital of Belarus of stylists of the international class Hevi Hubani, Oscar Vera (Spain) and Kilian Marinas (Italy) , spent the brilliant master - a class on modelling of hairdresses by means of modern technologies and professional production KIN Cosmetics.  

the Master has chosen tone of a paint

However if this stamp is really new to Byelorussians, in Europe, the USA, Asia, Latin America it is widely known and favourite since 1932. Its triumphal procession has begun in Spain where the family business on manufacture of hair-dyes has been formed. In relatives of founders have appeared not only the formed chemists, but also talented hairdressers thanks to what dyes were initially created under high hairdresser`s art.

Has allocated locks for extreme tone

the Modern representatives of this art who have arrived to Minsk, have shown, as by means of professional skill and To IN Cosmetics to reach harmonies of a hairdress of the person from it with an inner life.

On different locks have put different shades

It could sound as a pathos dithyramb if it has not been tried on a private experience.

the Waiting time

the Blonde is is not banal!

… As well as the majority of women, I am not too happy with a natural hair colour and wish to make its more expressive by means of colouring. But abusing paints with clarifying effect has led inevitable - loss of live shine, softness and silkiness.

to Participate in the master - a class in a role of model for colouring of hair has dared to check up, a leah truth To IN Cosmetics :

- does not hurt hair,

- shine adds to them,

- returns vivacity,

- gives a deep and beautiful shade.

Hair have washed up

Sweeping changes was not expected - seigneur Hubani has decided to leave me the blonde, but with such game of shades that hair even without packing looked stylishly and beautifully. The amazing effect has been reached by means of paints of three shades one of which has very correctly smoothed a difference between otrosshimi roots and the painted part of hair. And the result has surpassed expectations! Natural softness and silkiness βεπνσλbρό, and colour has turned out is not banal blonde, and expressive, moderately playful and … really in harmony with my internal state!      

Have dried up in four hands

In the master - a class some more models participated, for each of which have been fulfilled individual (that - that, and the respect for individuality at masters To IN Cosmetics is erected in a cult rank!) The colouring program. To one girl by means of colour have underlined interesting details of a hairstyle. In other case colour game has given visual volume.

In the course of colouring there were some more pleasant opening. For example that in paints To IN Cosmetics thanks to new technologies it was possible to lower extremely the maintenance of ammonia and thus to increase degree of clarification and to accelerate this process, and also to provide protection of hair and absolute painting of a grey hair. Besides, the maestro guarantees that colour long is not washed off. I believe! As there are no doubts and that the quality level of expensive famous world stamps of cosmetics for hair is possible and at more democratic price policy which founders To IN Cosmetics initially adhered.

Creative process of packing

Where to search To IN Cosmetics ?

After a four-day seminar which was spent by Spaniards in Minsk for the masters who have gathered from all Belarus of salons, probably, To IN Cosmetics a rarity at us any more will not be. This stamp and is offered today on a choice to the clients by some capital salons, including prestigious « Jacque Dessanzh » known for the selectivity in a choice of professional production.

It is even more volume

But the present kingdom To IN Cosmetics - in studio of hairdresser`s art To IN Cosmetics in Minsk on street May Day, 17. The qualified experts who also were trained by the Spanish stylists, use full scale of this production - and means (for colouring, a wave), both for leaving, and for packing. Among this variety there are unique means, analogues which even skilled masters, by their recognition, did not meet. For example, means for removal of a paint which does not break structure of hair and does not deprive of its shine.    

it is a lot of interesting and useful clients for care of hair and modelling of hairdresses in house conditions can get here. And the series To IN Cosmetics can be picked up for any hair: painted, twisted, thin and etc. And this series will precisely work on that they were healthy and well-groomed!

there is some styling...

For salons which would like to join magnificence To IN Cosmetics , studio of hairdresser`s art ΚINCosmeticsξπγΰνθησες training seminars. After all even recognised experts with pleasure study new technicians in a hairstyle, colouring, packing because the perfection does not have a limit!

... And the client is happy!

the Useful address:

Minsk, street May Day, 17.

Ph. (017) 233 - 96 - 44, 8 - 029 - 111 - 96 - 44.

Who is who?

Hevi Hubani (Xevi Jubany, Barcelona, Spain) - the director of art and technical department KIN Cosmetics. The professional stylist of the international class. Was trained by the best Spanish and world masters, and now and itself provoditseminary on training all over the world.

Oscar Vera (Oscar Vera, Barcelona, Spain) - the stylist of the international class, the employee of art department of company KIN Cosmetics. The owner of known salon in Barcelona Dream ’ s Estilistas where many celebrities from the world of sports and show - business are served. Creates hairdresses to models with world names for displays of known fashionable designers, as Manuel of the Squanderer, Hosep Abril, Tksel Miras, Jorgos Elefter - diadesi other

Kilian Marinas (Milan , Italy), the stylist of the international class, the employee of art department of company KINCosmetics. The Obladatelpervogo place on TrendVisionAwardsβ Italy. Closely co-operates with agency GrEeNaPpLei works with such giants of a world fashion, as GUCCIθλθ D & G, and fashion magazines (KULT, TWILLMagazine).

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