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How to sell a car on spare parts

Annoyingly, it is insulting, but, apparently, to restore it already it be no point. Or for many long years the service the car so has got a bit tired that all is strewed. The result - the car needs to be sold on spare parts.

As it to make minimum loss? A leah it is necessary to sell it bodily or it is possible to gain more money if to disassemble a car independently and gradually to sell spare parts?


we Sell a car bodily

It is possible to print in the newspaper the announcement of car sale on spare parts. The circle of potential buyers will be not too wide, however the chance to sell the beaten or old car all the same is. Sale of such cars, of course, first of all depends on their status. But under the announcement more often it is difficult to buyer to imagine, as this or that car on spare parts looks. Help with it the Internet can.

Placing announcements of car sale on the Internet, not the problem to expose its photo. Beaten places or a status « elderly » a car the buyer fine sees, therefore can make correct representation about the car.

the Price of a car which you sell on spare parts bodily, will be low. Therefore, if there is time and possibility, the car can be disassembled independently and gradually to sell spare parts.

we Sell spare parts independently

the Basic plus of this variant - more money which can be received for the sold spare parts. However, it is necessary to work a little most. It is ideal, if you have a garage in which it is possible to assort a car and to store spare parts. It is very good, if this garage near to the house, after all each time you should meet the potential client in garage.

If most to potter with analysis it would not be desirable, it is possible to entrust this business to the mechanic. Car analysis will manage in 100 - 200 dollars depending on age of a car, complexity of process and « depths of dismantling ».

To begin with the car needs to be struck off the register. For this purpose the car should be transported in registration department of GAI (it is in capital in territory of the exhibition centre « Akvabel ») .

Assorting the car, do not forget to create the list of spare parts - it will be easier to communicate with buyers. (A transmission, the engine, suspension bracket elements, disks, kuzovshchinu, headlights, a bumper, moldings) it is possible to photograph the basic units at once later to place pictures in your announcement.


In the announcement of sale of spare parts it is necessary to specify:

data on the stamp and car model, type and engine volume, a check point, year of release of your car, a city in which you live, the price of spare parts.

Certainly, you will not manage to sell all spare parts for one week. But having sold, say, only third from them, it is possible to receive as much money, how much to you would give for the beaten car bodily. According to professional « razborshchikov » having sold 80 percent of spare parts, it is possible to receive twice more money, than for the whole car. However it is necessary to consider that the part of spare parts remains unsold, for example the salon, a wheel, one door, the panel of devices and etc. the Most running spare parts usually are kuzovshchina, headlights and glasses, suspension bracket details, the engine and a transmission, disks with rubber. The more popularly the car, the is more than spare parts from it it is possible to sell.


you will necessarily ask about compatibility of details of your car with other similar cars. For example, you sell on BMW 518 spare parts. And to buyers it is necessary zapchast on BMW 525. « Tell, and it will approach on my car? » - a question on which you need to know the answer. With details on which there is serial number, arrive simply: detail number is entered on one of specialised sites - catalogues (for example, exist. by) where it is possible to look, it will approach to what else cars. Much more difficult with body parts. For example, the client wants to buy a forward part of a body with pieces of longerons. It seems to you that it will approach (at least outwardly). You cut off « redock » how it is necessary for the client, and later it returns it: fastenings for the engine or a radiator have appeared others. As a result it is possible to remain without money, with a piece of the cut off body.


Separate « zapchastju » documents on the car are. More precisely, its log together with body pieces on which it is put VIN - number. The dishonest seller on a hand can agree with the buyer so: the purchase and sale transaction in GAI is registered, then from the car all spare parts, except pieces of a body and details with VIN - numbers act in film. Together with the log of a detail with VIN - numbers are on sale to the new owner of the car who can vvarit them in the stolen car, having legalised it thus. Naturally, this scheme is criminal.


Two-litre Alfa Romeo 145 96 - go year of release was in an awful status: « the double-dealing fellow » except a cover of a luggage carrier of any whole element, without front and forward lateral glasses. Some elements of a suspension bracket have been hurt. The car of 8 years stood in garage from which ceiling water constantly dripped. The salon has in this time become unfit for use, conducting began to spoil. It was possible to receive 500 dollars for this copy a maximum. It has been decided to sell a car in parts. For $150 the owner has employed the mechanic, and spare parts independently sold during half a year through the Internet.

It has been sold:

the Engine in gathering - $600

MKPP in gathering - $250

the Back beam of a suspension bracket - $200

a luggage carrier Cover in gathering - $100

Back lateral glasses - $100

the Catalyst - $40

Side scene MKPP - $30

the SHRUS - y and semiaxes - $20

Various trifles - $200

TOTAL: $1540.

Minus expenses, the total cost of the sold spare parts has made $1390 that on $890 more than that sum, it was possible to sell for which car bodily! Not sold there was a back bumper, shock-absorbers, brake disks, supports and some trifles. The spoilt salon and the cut body have thrown out on a dump.

you want
to Sell a car bodily
to Disassemble a car and to sell spare parts
- there are less than efforts
- Quickly
- the garage, tools, « is not necessary; correct » hands
It is possible to receive in two - three times of more money
It is less than money
It is necessary to have garage, tools, « correct » hands (or to charge dismantling to the master)
the Invention can be stretched on long term
the Part of spare parts all the same remains unsold.