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The fan - shuj - the forecast c 20 on May, 26th

on May, 20th, Thursday

Leave all unnecessary in the past. The bothered relations, unfair subordinates, superfluous kgs and old stuff - today can throw out safely all it on a garbage heap of history. Or even on the present dump...

on May, 21st, Friday

Today will bring to you completeness of obligations. Therefore, if it not in your interests, do not incur anything responsible, disagree on performance of another`s functions. Also postpone actions of proceeding on then.

on May, 22nd, Saturday

All energy in balance. Your mood too. It is day it is good that today both strong, and weak equal odds of success make. Use it.  

on May, 23rd, Sunday

be engaged in simple and eternal affairs. If you want, that the result of your activity was saved for a long time, begin it today. Only postpone moving - differently will change then a residence constantly.  

on May, 24th, Monday

Be cleared by a prayer, carry out for a long time the conceived. But remember - Day of destruction, therefore approaches today do not incur important obligations.

on May, 25th, Tuesday

Day of destruction does not promise anything good. However works on a pulling down something will be successful. Besides, today it is possible to choose treatment with the doctor - its results will be positive.  

on May, 26th, environment

the Dangerous day similar to the previous. Postpone risky employment, sports competitions and fast driving for other time.