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Bank URALSIB has congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War

May, by tradition, - time to celebrate veterans. Great Victory remains till now the sacred feast uniting all country. And it is good that in live still there were many veterans who have given the youth for the sake of the peace sky over our head.

to pay a tribute of respect to front-line soldiers and that who battled in back, considers as the debt and bank « URALSIB ». This spring its employees have taken part in the action « Great Victory. We remember! We are proud! » also have tried to render the concrete help to the South Ural veterans. So, in the Chrysostom the bank sponsored the city celebration of front-line soldiers organised by the mayoralty. And in Chelyabinsk has helped to spend a Victory Day to a society of the blind. Also has awarded winners of competition of children`s drawing.

Besides, bank « URALSIB » has taken part in the mass action « Dream of the veteran » Which declared the company « Uralsvyazinform ». We will remind its essence. Any veteran could call on special phone number and ask fellow countrymen to help it with acquisition of the vital things. It has appeared that old men frequently do not have the most necessary: medicines, home appliances. Bank « URALSIB » has incurred execution at once several demands and has got to veterans the refrigerator, the washing machine, three gas cookers and the hearing aid.

And on the eve of the Victory Day bank « URALSIB » has invited forty Chelyabinsk veterans in the main office in the street Tsvillinga to tea drinking and a celebratory concert.

- Today in this hall those who wared at the front, and those who forged victory in back have gathered also. Exploit of each of you is equally significant. We remember it later 65 years after war. And I am assured that it will retell from generation to generation, after all it that does us by the uniform mighty Russian people, - was converted to veterans operating bank branch « URALSIB » in the city of Chelyabinsk Alexander Georgievich Kireev. - On your share many tests and misfortunes have dropped out, but you have sustained them with honour. Accept today gratitude from those who is younger. We want to wish you health. And let near to you always there will be close people: children, grandsons and great-grandsons for the sake of whom you left under bullets on front and did not leave days from factories!

the captain of tank armies Michael Trofimovich Gorin was One of visitors of a feast. Almost it has passed all war on the Chelyabinsk tank T - 34. On approaches to Berlin has got wound in a head. Victory the hero, the gentleman of four orders, met in hospital gone blind. But doctors have made a positive miracle - have returned to Gorin sight, and he has lived long and happy life.

Has got in military years and Isaaku Rahilevichu Rejdmanu. On front it has left the volunteer. Ministered in the North Caucasus, and here victory met in Iran. Battled there with basmachami, protecting road on which allies supplied our armies. Has come back home and has gone blind - consequences of old wound have affected. Two years Isaak Rejdman has lain in clinic, but did not surrender and literally « on hearing » has finished legal institute. Here such they, veterans of far war: courage and heroism living examples.

Professional actors to a celebration have decided not to invite. All numbers were prepared by children of employees « URALSIBA ». One read verses, others sang and danced - in all sincerity, touchingly and lovely. Six-year Maxim Lumpov here has stepped on the stage. Has corrected georgievskuju a tape on a shirt, has more conveniently put on a knee the balalaika and has played « the Katyusha ». And heroes hoary with age, on a chest of each of which hung from tens awards, looked at young actors and wiped happy tears.

- At me the grand daughter same! - front-line soldier Isaak Rahilevich Rejdman has explained. - For the sake of them expensive, I when - that also wared.

After a concert of all veterans tea drinking and « waited; fighting hundred gramme ». Many   have wanted to take a reciprocal word: once again to remember those uneasy military days, the lost colleagues and relatives and to endure pleasure of victory.

is our debt: to help old men who have defended our right to life. And we will not leave them without our support and in the future, - has promised operating bank branch « URALSIB » in the city of Chelyabinsk Alexander Georgievich Kireev.

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