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The prostatitis happens even at supermen

One tablet will not recover!

(Boris Kirillovich, at me have found an adenoma. It that, the cancer form?

- we Will begin that the adenoma prostaty is a good-quality tumour which develops at men after fifty years. More often     it connect with fading   hormonal function of bodies of internal secretion. An adenoma   squeezes   mocheispuskatelnyj the channel also breaks outflow of urine from a bladder and kidneys. From - for it there can be a cystitis, an urine incontience, stones are sometimes formed.

(Vladimir Evgenevich Speaks. The doctor has suggested me to remove an adenoma, and it is possible to do without operation?

- the Adenoma can be treated and medikamentozno, on it many months, and even years will leave. But also it is not necessary to be afraid of operation!   It can be two kinds: The special device - rezektoskop is entered on mocheispuskatelnomu to the channel into a bladder. And then the surgeon on slices cuts off a fabric of an adenoma and with a liquid current washes away these slices through a tube rezektoskopa outside. Open operation too is not difficult - through a small cut of a skin and a bladder the adenoma leaves completely.

Illness spares nobody

(Explain, please, the prostatitis whence undertakes?

- the Reasons   developments of stagnation   minister; in predstatelnoj to gland, an infection, and also overcoolings. Recently from it suffer affliction   young men who are engaged in active extreme sports: diving, surfing, mountain skiing, kayaks. Such sports are connected both with the big physical activities, and with overcooling. At the same time men who conduct a sedentary life get to risk group also. From - for it blood circulation worsens and there are developments of stagnation in bodies of a small basin. The prostatitis reason can become and chronic inflammatory diseases of a skin, bronchial tubes,   and also ochagovye infections - quinsy, antritises and even not not healed karioznye teeth. There is it because pathogenic bacteria together with blood get in prostatu and there breed. Contribute in development of a prostatitis and stresses. Obvious candidates on a prostatitis - the men, suffering affliction venereal diseases.