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In Kursk the lying-in woman carried on hospitals while she has not died

In the middle of March 25 - the summer pregnant woman kurjanku delivered in local infectious hospital. Some days it had a strong heat, paracetamol with temperature did not consult. At registration in a reception as parents remember, it shook literally. There was a sensation that it all burns...

- In some hours Irochka began to complain that the stomach as if pulls, - Valentina Tutovoj`s eyes, mum of the girl, are filled with tears. - we have begun to worry, as though that with the baby does not happen. Have called in maternity home. But to us have refused. Have told that there is no special boxing for such patients.

In maternity hospital doctors " have called; infektsionki have explained a situation and have decided to carry the sick lying-in woman on other end of a city for... Consultations! By this time at Irina at all does not remain forces: in neotlozhku it bore on a stretcher. In forty minutes the girl delivered - taki in a reception of the most remote city maternity home. Have measured temperature and pressure -   in norm! The doctor summarised: on our profile I here find nothing, it is a flu... From maternity home have again called neotlozhku...

- the Car we waited two hours. Probably, on C did not hurry up, because have carried this call to the category not urgent - nevertheless the patient in a hospital, around doctors - will help, - Irina Vladimir Strelkov`s husband has assumed. - in adoptive Iru again became znobit. It seemed that the body reduces a spasm.

have again arrived to infectious hospital. It was visible that to the girl became worse - spasms became more often and from a mouth foam has gone. The doctor on duty has measured pressure and has called reanimobil again to bring Irina on other end of a city, but already to resuscitation! Thirty minutes waited the car. As much went through all city.

- Position the heaviest. At Irina one lung has refused, the child, most likely, is dead,   - has informed at o`clock in the morning native reanimatolog.

In 2. 45 Irinas did not become. And not born girl has died hardly earlier - of an oxygen lack.

For the third day after Irina`s death and her daughter the exact diagnosis - a paraflu, and, as consequence, a pneumonia became known. Now investigatory management of investigatory committee is engaged in this business at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia.

As inspector Vladimir Konorev admitted to us, now much will depend on the definitive conclusion of the medical commission.

- I will not stop and I will go to the last. Has made the letter to president Dmitry Medvedev who urges to give birth to more children, - Vladimir   has declared lost in one day the wife and the daughter; Marksmen.


Lawyer Andrey Golovachyov: Kursk clinics already paid indemnifications

- In my practice there were cases when native patients it was possible to prove in court to fault of medical staff and to take to court indemnification. The sum of one of them has made 285 thousand roubles. Hundred thousand roubles on a judgement have paid to mother of the died patient, 150 thousand - the widow, 20 thousand - for services of the lawyer, 15 thousand - indemnification of expenses on carrying out of an independent medicolegal investigation. All this money was paid by hospital. For such affairs   it is necessary to collect all proofs - medical documents. First of all it is stationary and out-patient maps of the patient, the report of pathoanatomical opening.   on the basis of these three documents it is necessary to receive the medicolegal investigation decision. It   the verdict becomes solving.