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The Tyumen bards will sing the best for 10 years

In November, 1998 for the first time there was Sergey Lomakin, Olga Moskvin, Michael and Elena Neuvaruevy, Marina Dmitriev, Alexander and Tatyana Solovevy. Subsequently they acted at the city and regional levels, everyone on - to the popularised an author`s song, but after joint start were never crossed at concerts.

For the first time for a decade become known executors have appeared on one scene in November of last year. As an occasion the presentation of the audioversion of a broadcast " has served; we Will verify our songs which Sergey Lomakin on " conducts; Radio 7 . That performance became the beginning of a joint concert season. It will come to the end on April, 25th in the Palace of arts the Pioneer .

- We invite all interested persons to our concert - performance Together with a song! . In its basis - all the best that was born for 10 years of creative activity, - has told Sergey Lomakin. - at each author the vision of a song, but this performance will unite all. In a concert author`s songs, classical and modern products of a genre will sound. Besides solo performances, a mansion we will execute 10 songs - by quantity of the creative years spent on a scene.

- performance pedagogical and concert activity in a genre of an author`s song is close to All participants of a forthcoming concert. Alexander and Tatyana Solovevy supervise detsko - youthful club of an amateur song the Crossroads ensemble it is a lot of - many cats . Spouses - winners of regional, Russian and international competitions bardovskoj songs.

Michael and Elena Neuvaruevy also were engaged in song creativity with children. Today they together work in the country centre Crimson sails . The song helps both with work, and in home life.

Sergey Lomakin co-operates with the Tyumen state university, prepares students for competitions and festivals in a direction an author`s song . Sergey can be heard on Radio 7 (it continues to conduct the program we Will verify our songs ) And on the Tyumen concert platforms. The known bard much
acts, including together with the amateur performer Marina Dmitrievoj. By the way, in 2006 this duet became the winner of Grushinsky festival.

Marina Dmitriev writes verses and songs from 14 years. It worked in Nizhnevartovsk economic - legal institute of the Tyumen state university. Has let out three disks with author`s   songs, conducts work on record of a new album.
on the Tyumen scene known bards will put a joint anniversary point of creative activity this Saturday. The concert will pass with management support on sports and the youth policy of administration of Tyumen, the Palace of arts the Pioneer . After performance it will be possible to communicate to executors, to take the autograph.

Where to go?

the Concert - performance Together with a song will pass on April, 25th in 18. 00 in the Palace of arts the Pioneer . The ticket price - 200 roubles.