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How to occupy billion

Not only eks - owners, but also were a top - managers YUKOS were a part of an organised criminal group over which the head of the company Michael Khodorkovsky supervised. So public prosecutors at session of Hamovnichesky court of Moscow have declared during consideration of new criminal case concerning Michael Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev accused of plunder of oil, evasion from payment of taxes and washing up of billions.
it is valid, without participation in Khodorkovsky`s economic schemes of its subordinates YUKOS from the company on extraction oil could not turn to a black hole. On a site a press - the centre the Sentence even it is placed so-called the Criminal alphabet YUKOS in which names of 62 persons eks - the oligarch are resulted. For example, directors of the company Allonzh Igor Agafonova who registered the false organisations through which company money, or Oleg Vitki, the general director of Nefteyugansk Open Company " was abducted in Tula; Western - Malobalyksky extorting oil over put, or Vladimir Malahovsky, head of Open Company registered in Evenkii Ratibor created specially for carrying out of financial operations on fictitious purchases of oil at the enterprises YUKOS at cut price...
These and other similar names are a little known to general public, however Khodorkovsky hardly alone could wash the stolen means in such grandiose volumes. However, as assume sources from law enforcement bodies of Yakutia, in the list 62 other names are possible also...
Athanasius Maksimov, the deputy of State meeting (Il Tumen) Republics Sakhas (Yakutia), eks - the president of the Yakut joint-stock company The national oil and gas company Sahaneftegaz 50,38 which % of actions also belonged in due time to YUKOS through affilirovannye firms - Joint-Stock Company YUKOS - M (13,22 %) and the Cyprian offshore Kampione Holdings Ltd (19,89 %) and Empusa Enterprises Ltd (17,27 %).
All problems connected with oil and gas branch of republic, have arisen with company ward YUKOS - the chairman of Arbitration court of Yakutia Ivan Fedorov considers. - at that time it there was a unique exit for the purpose of attraction of means YUKOS for financing of works on working out Talakansky oil and Sredneviljujsky gazokondensatnogo deposits. Further YUKOS has refused arrangement conditions, that is from payment of 502 million dollars which promised to pay Sahaneftegazu also has refused financing of development of the Talakansky deposit. Also YUKOS has not paid to republic for the stock transferred to its Sahaneftegaza .
the Yakut businessman Athanasius Maksimov has not stood aside from affairs of the command of Khodorkovsky. to the ignorant person can seem that here YUKOS has employed me, and I within a year have run across on other party, became against them, - remembers the work in criminal the companies Athanasius Maksimov in interview to magazine ZHurfiks ( 1, March, 2005) . - Besides, problems in " at this particular time have begun; big YUKOS accordingly all management system has collapsed. And a local management YUKOS operated the company actually arrivals, unless it is possible at such relation to business to penetrate into an essence?
But to Maksimovu it was possible to penetrate in an essence of the matter on the whole 1 200 000 000 roubles. This episode is till now a trial subject in Arbitration court of Yakutia.
the Chairman of Arbitration court Ivan Fedorov in interview to agency SakhaNews has explained sense of judicial dispute: Under Open Society NK statement Rosneft from June, 9th of last year Arbitration court RS (concerning Open Society NNGK Sahaneftegaz action about an inconsistency (bankruptcy) is brought. From business materials follows that on April, 29th, 2004 and on June, 8th, 2004 the former president of the company Sahaneftegaz Maxims And. N has signed the loan agreement from Open Society NK YUKOS (shortly before excitation in the relation YUKOS affairs about bankruptcy) about loan granting in the sum of 1 200 000 000 roubles under 14 % annual... The transaction on reception of the extra sum has been how much legally made, a leah requirements of the charter of the company " have been observed thus; Sahaneftegaz and law requirements About joint-stock companies we yet do not know .
That is it is formal with a management YUKOS Maxims clashed, but there are serious bases to suspect that behind a milliard loan the scheme on a conclusion of corporate assets that after bankruptcy this money has not got to the state disappeared.
Something similar, but in more global scale, have made chairman of the board NK YUKOS Stephen Tidi and the financial director of the company Bruce Mizamor, created special fund for alienation of actives YUKOS and stolen, according to the investigation, more than 10 billion dollars.
Athanasius Maksimova`s Affairs, undoubtedly, should receive a corresponding estimation of competent structures. However, in sight of law enforcement bodies the deputy and without that got time and again. For example, history how in firms under control to it the property and money resources of the largest gas company of republic " have disappeared; JAkutgazprom it is already cunning to court.
And the name of the Yakut deputy and the businessman is fast can become known even in China which state corporations, according to mass-media, carry on negotiations for purchase Suntarneftegaza in spite of the fact that still on February, 3rd Management on nedropolzovaniju recommended Rosnedram to withdraw Republics Sakhas ahead of schedule at Suntarneftegaza The licence on Southern - the Berezovsky deposit. However hardly this swindle will be possible: process on new business YUKOS now is in the heat, and it is not excluded that already in the near future Athanasius Maksimov will keep the company or to Michael Khodorkovsky, or (if will be in time) Yury Bejlinu in London. Not casually, on own memoirs of Maksimova, in due time the Moscow colleagues on to YUKOS to it spoke: be not afraid, we do not hand over the. You will live though in London .