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Igor Slutsky and Katerina Golitsyn Bright representatives of the Russian chanson will present tjumentsam a chanson feast

come to our city. On DNA scene the Builder will act Igor Slutsky and Katerina Golitsyn.

the Singer and composer Igor Slutsky in the early nineties worked as the musician, the arranger in Tatyana Ovsienko, Sergey Chumakova, Viki Tsyganovoj`s collectives. Since the childhood was fond of the composition of songs and for many years of creativity has written more than 200 songs, among which enough of the hits, known to everyone: the Guelder-rose red the North Only love White ashes etc. Igor Slutsky`s Songs are executed by many popular actors - A.Marshal, M.Krug, A.Kaljanov, V.Tsyganov, T.Ovsienko, A.Buinov, N.Baskov, A.Domogarov and others.

Igor Slutsky - the winner of festival the Song of year - 2002 the winner of festival the Worthy song Radio the Chanson - St.-Petersburg .
In 2004 the singer is awarded awards the Chanson of year in a nomination the Best composer of year .

Now it is let out Igor Slutsky`s six albums. Its songs head a hit - parades of many FM - radio stations of Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other cities of Russia.

Katerina Golitsyn worked in groups Muscovites Girls Coevals and, at last, became leader VIA the Katyusha . With this group in the end of 80 - h she has written down the first magnitoalbom Call me at night . In 1990 there was its second cartridge - the Best girlfriend . Songs have dispersed by Golitsynoj (then it knew under a name Katya Jakovleva) by huge circulation and became very popular in the people. In 1991 these two albums have republished on vinyl disks.

Creative throwings Golitsynoj lasted almost ten years. She searched for the genre. During Yeltsin board Katya lived on two countries - both in Russia, and in the USA. At one time was fond of music of the country and has collected a huge collection of disks of the most known and talented executors of a genre favourite by the American people.  

Only in some years has appeared Katerina Golitsyn which we know now. Its debut   an album the Nefraersky romance left in December, 2002. After the first success in Golitsyn`s chanson has written down three more albums: Love correspondence (2003), Dekabristochka (2004), Northern blues (2005) . By the way, her daughter of Julja has acted in film in a leading role of a mum`s clip on a song Love correspondence and son Andrjusha even in school drags with itself a player with a disk the Nefraersky romance .

Where to go?

Igor Slutsky`s Concert and Kateriny Golitsynoj will pass on May, 26th in 19. 00 in DNA the Builder . The ticket price: 1000 - 1200 roubles. Phone for inquiries: 322 - 366.