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How to defeat illnesses of a skin

- a leah Truth, what many skin diseases arise from nerves?


- our health is influenced by many factors: bad ecology, improper feeding, tinned products, a pain shoe quantity of antibiotics. Stress too it becomes frequent the reason podry va immunity. As a result of it illnesses, which " can be shown for the time being; doze in an organism. Including skin - psoriaz, ekzema, obly senie.

- Than the herpes differs from cold?


- Anything. The herpes is and there is a cold. And disease it can appear on any site of a body, even on finger-tips. The herpes virus is in an organism of any person in what that degrees it is an echo of a chicken pox which many are ill in the childhood. Also does not show sja before while you, for example, do not catch a cold. And here to get rid of a herpes on always it is difficult enough. Course of treatment protivovirusnymi and immune preparations includes some stages. The herpes is infectious and can be passed not only at contact, but also sexual and air drop way.

- That is at the bottom of occurrence psoriaza?


- About the activator psoriaza while precisely it it is not known. For example, the Swedish scientists consider that this virus zabole vanie. But in my practice protivovirusnye preparations at treatment psoriaza appear effective seldom. Illness has hereditary character is more often. If someone from parents suffered affliction from psoriaza the same fate with probability of 25 percent can comprehend the child. Quite often unpleasant sore wakes up at members of a family later not one generation. Though happens that psoriaz turns out to be consequence stress and cold.

- At my five years` child a terrible allergy. But inspection has not revealed any allerge is new. What to us to do and where to be converted?

Valery Leonidovna.

- Most likely at your kid atopi chesky dermatit the second age group. It is connected with intestines work when there is a wrong splitting and vsasyvanie the squirrel. It will be possible to put the exact diagnosis only after inspection at the dermatologist. Only do not delay visit to the doctor, differently illness will get the chronic form.

- my daughter constantly has the eels, all person red. There is a preparation, capable to relieve it from this illness?


- There is a course on the basis of medicinal cosmetics and medical preparations. It occupies about half a year. But snacha la inspection is necessary. At some girls a bad status of a skin svja zano with testosterone. Testosterone regulates function salno - hair a follicle. Also delivers problems in the form of eels, seborei, dandruff and greasiness of hair.

- As it is possible to get rid of warts?


- Thanks to a modern technique of a wart it is possible to remove quickly and simply by means of the laser. Five minutes - also it is ready. And any hems. Another matter that at first it is necessary to define, what is a wart. If it small it is safely possible to get rid of it. But if it pigmentirovannaja, rough, with hairs it is better to be converted to the oncologist. Warts contain a virus of a papilloma of the person which calls cancer tumours.

- As far as I know, a cystitis are ill in the winter is more often. A leah can appear it in the summer?


- Yes. For example, have got warm on the sun, have then bathed, left water, the breeze - here all has blown and has begun. A cystitis it becomes frequent chronic disease which will periodically disturb.

- a leah It is possible to get rid from oblysenija?


- At an initial stage - yes. Course of treatment takes from three months about one year. The device " helps; Psoriamed mesothat rapija or influence of small categories of a current. But when the bald head already sformiro valas, will rescue only a hair transplant.

- in the Spring after head washing hair began to drop out. What to do?


- Try to rub three times a day in a head skin loson with red pepper. Spend on drink a course of vitamins. At strong loss of hair shampoo " helps; Alerana . Also can periodically do a mask with the kindled drawn butter.

- What cream it is better polzo vatsja at the mixed type of a skin?


- Humidifying cream with the extract maintenance scarlet belief and jojoba.

Where to be converted?

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