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Vladimir Putin: Kudrin is in stress

Putin`s Dialogue with workers of the enterprises which have suffered from crisis became already tradition. Yesterday`s conversation with workers of the Tver car-building factory (TVZ) passed under the settled scheme: factory workers sit around, and Putin in the middle on turning office chair.
- In your area and at the enterprise of problems it is a lot of, but I think, all of you a problem on me now do not ship, - with a smile Putin has told.
And here Putin`s factory workers have decided not to spare and voice it everything that has become painful.
TVZ is the largest similar enterprise in Europe. Some years ago the factory has agreed from the Russian Railway about delivery of cars for park updating. For this purpose factory modernised, having typed weight of credits. And here there has come crisis. The Russian Railway order was reduced, and with debts it is necessary to pay off. Factory workers have passed for three-day working week. Than thousand persons are already dismissed more.
- Vladimir Vladimirovich, you, roughly speaking, the state, - one of factory workers has in a fit of temper exclaimed.
- Is not present, the state it all of us, - its prime minister has corrected.
- So let`s the state order renew, allocate Russian Railway money, and they will buy cars from us, - has given advice one of factory workers.
- Here and metallurgists ask - buy from us all metal for a state reserve, - Putin cut off. - well all of us cannot buy up, the budget we will disorganise.
- So at us the carload park has become outdated, and the Olympic Games soon. Well not from Chineses cars we will buy? - Workers asked.
- I have already told, that from China did not buy, though such intentions were, - Putin has responded.
One of factory workers has suggested to give out credits to the next states that those bought the Russian cars on this money. And this offer very much was pleasant to Putin. But workers problems not only stirred the enterprises.
- At us gorduma is a gathering of clowns from chapiteau circus, - the worker has declared. - here you appoint governors, can, you and mayors will appoint? And that is a shame...
- I agree. But there are the problems connected with the international obligations... - Putin has responded.
- Democracy, a leah that?
- And it too... - it is multiple-valued the prime minister has responded.

Tverichi have shown to Putin the nou - hau: a two-storeyed compartment car.
a photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN
- And here you tell, why the atomic power station which is at us in area, cannot for tverichan tariffs for energy lower, that us to support for the period of crisis how Kudrin speaks, on 10 - 20 - 50 years? - Workers have asked.
- Alexey Leonidovich is in a status of some stress, - constraining a smile, Putin has responded. - because on it pressure big. He tries to be protected. I do not think that we will have a problem so long.
As a result Putin has promised that mortgage and consumer credits of factory workers will be restructured. Also will help the enterprise and with payment of credits. In addition the prime minister has promised that the government will allocate 3 billion roubles for additional purchase of cars.
- you only in a half-year to us arrive, check up, a leah money has reached, - one of factory workers has hinted.
- I necessarily and will make, - Putin promised.
Before a trip to Tver Vladimir Putin has glanced yesterday in the city of Udomlju, on the Kalininsky atomic power station, the largest nuclear station in the Central Russia.
At first the prime minister has visited on a building site 4 - go the power unit. By calculations, its start-up planned for 2011, in addition will give 6,5 billion The watt/ and almost will increase hour tax revenues by third in the budget of the Tver region, 400 new workplaces will be created.
But already now as have explained a premiere, occupation efficiency of capacity of the atomic power station - about 80 %.
is the best indicator from Soviet period, - Putin has noticed.
And has then held meeting concerning atomic engineering development where has declared that Russia, despite crisis, will not refuse plans on building of new nuclear power units.
- the Investment program Energoatom in 2009 more than 160 billion roubles, - has told the prime minister. - from them 73,3 billion at the expense of the federal budget. Last week I have already signed the governmental order.
- We need to construct 26 blocks, - Putin has reminded atomshchikam. - In sphere of atomic engineering we have formulated rather ambitious, but quite realistic plans.
has and more added:
- By 2030 the share of nuclear generation in electric power total amount should make 25 - 30 percent, are today 16 percent. In many countries of Europe this share already above 25 percent. We need to catch up with the developed countries...
Alexander of DINS