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“ Sibirtelekom “: new possibilities of interactive television.

TV channels - for all tastes

Heard that the company “ Sibirtelekom “ has started new service - “ the TWIST “. It gives what possibilities to subscribers?

Irina, Novosibirsk.

- it is valid, on October, 1st the company “ Sibirtelekom “ has started new service “ the TWIST “. It is qualitatively new package deal in which frameworks broadband access to a network the Internet and an interactive digital television is offered to subscribers.

To the Novosibirsk region the Tomsk region and Krasnoyarsk region have already been connected to this service. Today service “ the TWIST “ represents to the subscribers 62 channels of interactive television. By the way, in the near future this quantity will reach 100. Besides it “ the TWIST “ Gives the chance to make independently program schedules that, you see, it is very convenient. Subscribers have a possibility to block access of the child to those or other telecasts. Besides it the company gives possibility to postpone time of viewing of this or that program, including the air.

One channel in eight languages

In how much to the subscriber manages such service?

Ivan Stepanov.

- All depends on what quantity of channels is necessary for the user. Proceeding from it, the subscriber can choose one of TV packages - channels: “ the House-keeper “ - 21 TV - the channel for 50 πσαλει* or “ the Standard “ - 62 TV - the channel for 150 roubles **. For an additional payment from 30 to 100 roubles subscribers will have an opportunity to reserve viewing of a film from video library. Today in it contain more than 105 units of a video production. By the way, in the near future the videoshop will replenish almost twice - and it even more fascinating films.

Besides it to subscribers who choose service “ the TWIST “ the company gives an electronic program schedule. By the way, within the limits of a package the client receives 10 - a percentage discount for the limitless tariff plan of broadband access to the Internet.

As the interactive television in Novosibirsk will develop further?


- Development of services of interactive television our company sees first of all at the expense of increase in quantity of channels and expansion of a set of additional services which will be interesting to our subscribers. For this purpose we have introduced new scaled platform IPTV of company BCC. It is new it is hardware - a program complex which allows not only to solve existing problems, but also confidently to look forward.

Today at the company “ Sibirtelekom “ there is a possibility not only on-line to receive the protected content digital IP - television, but also to add and exchange a regional content (that is to include in an aether local telecasts) which is adapted under individual requirements of subscribers. By the way, the company enters authorisation system thanks to which use service subscribers " can only; the TWIST “. Besides introduction of such system will not allow not registered subscribers to look through video files, and also completely will exclude copying and information distribution.

New development will receive become already popular service “ Video on demand “ - this service gives the chance to the subscriber to reserve an interesting film, for example what has more recently passed in a cinema, and to look at it on the screen of the TV at any convenient time. Such services, as the personal tape recorder, TV - a mail and many other things will not stand aside also.

the Detail information on a company site http:// www. nsk. sibirtelecom. ru/ and on bodies 061.