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Fifty Siberians have appeared locked in the apartments

Houses in which they live, are not present in the official list of residential buildings of a city. People cannot neither sell the square metres, nor exchange. To understand with the address of this house at once it will not turn out. Here the used up tablet at the corner - Street Kirzavodsky, 6 . And actually two more blocks of this building and habitation - that are not considered.

the problem essence is that: in the middle of 1990 - h when on a place of old barracks the factory has constructed this three-storyed house for the workers, anybody on the permission of building and earth assignment especially has not taken care of documents. So the part of this house (is more exact, the first block) has the address, and two others - are not present. Also are registered whether a warehouse, whether a working premise - tenants have already despaired to search for accurate information in bales of papers And from here all problems of tenants follow - the residence permit is not present, to privatise habitation it is impossible. So, it it is impossible to sell and leave from here prick you any more you do not work on kirzavode (such tenants in this house much. - the Comment red.) . It is more than fifty persons have appeared are locked in the square metres and are adhered to them by a purse - who simply so will throw the dwelling? And money for new apartment here at anybody is not present

- to Register here is unreal - the house and inhabited - that is not considered. For a communal flat from workers of factory simply from the salary subtract - only the local accounts department knows, under what tariffs to us it consider. At us after all any counter here is not present! - Galina LONG, the inhabitant of the house lists the misfortunes.

Correspondents have visited this structure and were convinced - problems obviously more than only one troubles with privatisation. To live here it is simply dangerous! Abrupt iron ladders on which adults go with care even, - one of stumbling stones on a way of the decision of problems of tenants. It is necessary to replace these steel ladder flights on capital, as in usual houses. And also it is necessary to adjust at last ventilation system (which such weak that it, honour, and is not present at all). And to execute it is a lot of conditions before official bodies recognise the house inhabited...

you think, tenants have already despaired and have lowered hands? Anything similar! In following parts Reading matters on weekdays in Friday and sabbatical numbers we will tell, on what there are people to receive the earned apartments. Why workers of factory have not settled in the new house? And why tenants refuse to pay in years for a communal flat in hope, what will bring an action against them? For answers search in the nearest numbers!

Fifty Siberians have appeared locked in the apartments. A part 1 - I

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