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Novosibirsk manufacturers will support townspeople in crisis

Foodstuff are a category of the goods on which townspeople start to save in the latest turn. After all whatever one may do, and to refuse a habitual diet it would not be desirable irrespective of, there is in the country a crisis or not. And still economic instability in the world has forced many people to approach to a choice of foodstuff more carefully.

Preferences of consumers have changed? In what the reason?

- a leah It is possible to say what in a present economic situation consumer preferences novosibirtsev have sharply changed?

Gennady Vladimirovich JANITSKY, the chief executive of the company Smokes

Gennady JANITSKY, the chief executive of the company Smokes :

- Comparing indicators of consumption of production of our company in September, 2008 with today`s, it is possible to notice that consumption, for example, such production as sausages, has decreased on 7 %. And here sales of boiled sausages have grown on 3 %. livernoj and blood sausages - consumption has considerably increased by 5 %. As to syrokopchenoj sausage and other products high kitchen here it is possible to note some recession of interest of buyers.

Oleg Nikolaevich podojma, the general director of an integrated poultry farm October

Oleg podojma, the general director of an integrated poultry farm October :

- the Sales volume of expensive grades of production has decreased, the buyer was switched to cheaper category of the goods. But we predict increase in demand at our product in vesenne - the summer period.

Irina Aleksandrovna MAKAROVA, the director of the Siberian food company

Irina MAKAROVA, the director of the Siberian food company:

- We yet have not felt crisis influence in assortment or volumes of consumption of production SPK. And for today of change of consumer preferences completely correspond to seasonal fluctuations. For example, in vesenne - the summer period traditionally increases consumption of sausages, sausages, boiled and half-smoked sausages. It is a stable situation which repeats tendencies of last years.

Anton Jurevich KALTYGIN, the head on Open Society external relations Vimm - the Bill - Dann across Ural Mountains, Siberia and the Far East

Anton KALTYGIN, the head on Open Society external relations Vimm - the Bill - Dann across Ural Mountains, Siberia and the Far East:

- If to speak about preferences of consumers they have not changed. Anyway, while.

the Alternative is always

- a leah you in financial instability plan to make the prices for production fixed?

Irina Makarova: - Once and for all to fix the price for this or that product, of course, it is impossible. Too many factors influence formation of cost of a product. But we try to make so that the person with any prosperity and any flavouring preferences had possibility to buy production of our company. Therefore we let out some grocery rulers. For example, sausages and meat delicacies of a trade mark SPK is production with classical, traditional taste, and Mjasodelov - for those who prefers original compoundings.

Gennady Janitsky: - We are ready to support people who have appeared today in difficult conditions - remained without work and do not receive a salary, and also socially not protected levels of population. That they could buy our production at reduced prices, we open a network of firm stationary departments, so-called kupav. Six already are in Berdsk, the second similar point in Novosibirsk in the street Railway, 14 will soon open.

Irina Makarova: - the Share of local raw materials in our manufacture in comparison with others mjasopererabotchikami above as we have own procuring platforms. We bring raw materials from the Novosibirsk region - Cherepanovo, Krasnozersky, Mountain Altai - Ust - Koksinsky and Souzginsky meat-packing plants. Use of the cooled raw materials of local manufacture allows us to support a comprehensible price level. Besides, we have refused advertising not to shift these expenses finally on the buyer. Actively we participate in the actions spent by trading networks, are the goods with so-called yellow price lists the prices on which are considerably lowered. Besides large grocery networks, firm departments and retail shops production SPK can be found today in the city markets and the micromarkets, where the prices more low. Now we give to this channel of sales bolshee attention.

Oleg Podojma: - own shops work For us in a city and area, the prices for production we try to hold more low, than in other points. The half an hour Besides, suffices to dissolve integrated poultry farm production on shops is occurs twice a day, therefore we presume to ourselves the low prices.

Anton Kaltygin: - In dairy products the cost price basically depends on the price and quality of the basic raw materials, that is natural crude milk. Price influence direct as in the price of an end-product raw materials cost occupies to 70 %. Quality influence more mediated. Today, thanks to the newest technologies of preparation of milk introduced at the enterprise, its clearings of bacteria, we can make quality products from an average milk. But it demands additional expenses that raises the product cost price. A conclusion: the price of dairy products in a greater degree depends on a status of dairy agriculture. Vimm - the Bill - Dann does much that our suppliers - economy of the Novosibirsk region - could make better milk. The company delivered on favourable terms the modern refrigerating and milking equipment, we spent for heads of economy training programs, including abroad. Rendered to economy the social help - for example, have put in rural schools of a school desk and chairs for the sum more than two millions roubles. But for mass increase of technological level and on a broader scale efficiency of economy their own efforts and a corresponding government program of upgrade are necessary first of all.

the help of local manufacturers

is necessary to the Enterprises - Today actual there is a thesis what to leave crisis to us, personal farmsteads farms will help with rural areas. A leah is communication between your work and successes of agriculture?

Irina Makarova: - I completely support the point of view that to all Novosibirsk enterprises vital to co-operate with local economy and procuring platforms. In this case we stably receive own qualitative raw materials and thus we have a small transport component. From a procuring site meat reaches factory for minimum short term, without being exposed to a frost. Therefore it, unlike import, always fresh and that quality which is necessary for us. The ready product from the cooled raw materials saves all flavouring and nutritious properties. Finally from it win all: and local economy, and we - mjasopererabatyvajushchie the enterprises, and our consumers.

Gennady Janitsky: - With opening of the Kudrjashovsky meat-packing plant we completely have passed to delivery of the cooled pork of this manufacturer. Rise in prices for import raw materials also has forced us to be converted into veterinary science management across the Novosibirsk region with the request to pick up for our enterprise local zabojnyj point, and now we are ready to adjust cooperation with the Siberian manufacturers on beef deliveries, in particular, from Barnaul.

Oleg Podojma: - All chain of manufacture of our production is concentrated in one hands: we grow up wheat for mixed fodder, inkubiruem eggs, from them we receive chickens, we make half-finished products and sausage products. The organisation of all cycle gives us certain confidence of behaviour in the market and a price establishment.

Tasty work

- As at your enterprises is under construction work of the tasting commissions?

Irina Makarova: - Tastings at us pass constantly: it both thematic, and comparative tastings on which we estimate the production and production of our colleagues - manufacturers. As a rule, the tasting commission consists of workers of the enterprise, also we invite experts who are engaged in advancement and sales of our production. They get acquainted with novelties, estimate their flavouring qualities, external appearance. Besides we regularly carry out monitoring of flavouring preferences novosibirtsev. For this purpose we spend tastings in points of sale.

Oleg Podojma: - Our main taster - the buyer: There is a demand for a product - its volume in the market if the product is not claimed is increased - cleaned it from counters of shops or we finish a compounding.

- Tell, and a leah corresponds now manufacture of sausages STATE THAT for hundred percent?

Irina Makarova: - We let out sausages on gostam and on own compoundings of our technologists. But structure of any product always we specify on packing according to the legislation. Is not present such that any component was present at sausage secretly . And if STATE VOLUME the certain parity of raw materials - pork and beef or addition of any spices, of course, this standard is observed is provided. Any serious enterprise which values the reputation, will not break these requirements. As today SPK - the largest manufacturer of sausages in Novosibirsk we constantly are and under steadfast attention of various state inspections and supervising bodies. They regularly check sanitary - a hygienic status of the enterprise, quality of raw materials and finished goods, including conformity gostam. If to speak about degree of internal control we have own certified laboratory, round-the-clock service of quality which checks all finished goods on an exit, stationary fast of the State veterinary service is organised.

Gennady Janitsky: - More recently on our manufacture the commission which checked conformity of our production gostovskim to standards has visited. And check has not shown any deviations from the ordered norms.

the Personnel question - he important most

- As at your enterprises dares a personnel problem?

Irina Makarova: - For 15 years of work of the enterprise we had stable enough amicable collective. People work at factory any more one year. And we do not test a severe shortage of shots. At us the program of advancement of the personnel is created, there is own personnel reserve. We regularly carry out monitoring of the personnel market, necessarily we invite narrow experts from other enterprises and from regions.

Gennady Janitsky: - From the beginning of existence of the company we were converted into high schools on a speciality eating and process industry to select students for work.

Oleg Podojma: - Now in collective stabilisation is observed, people work - means, at us it is pleasant to them. Therefore the problem as that is not present. For work we accept qualified professionals from a city and area.

- with What you see your enterprises in the future?

Oleg Podojma: - we Aspire to stable work, acceptance of correct decisions. It includes both profitability of manufacture, and qualitative production, and desire of people to work at our enterprise and henceforth.

Irina Makarova: - I think, the dream of any head of manufacturing enterprise - for hundred percent to correspond to expectations of consumers, trying to respond to their wishes and requirements as fast as possible. And completely to satisfy all demand available in the market.

Gennady Janitsky: - We try to support dialogue with consumers, to consider both positive, and negative responses of buyers for the further perfection of quality of our production.