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On what cities of Russia the USA are going to put nuclear attacks

One of these days Federation of the American scientists (and it is rather solid organisation uniting since 1945 of leaders jadershchikov the countries) has presented to the White house the report in which recognised: 5951 nuclear warhead which is available now at the USA, it is valid too much. It is possible to reduce their quantity several times, and the rest perenatselit from densely populated cities of Russia by its key industrial targets. Such blows supposedly will be not less effective.
However, other potential opponents of Washington too without attention did not remain. However as demonstration model our country has been chosen.
the New purposes in territory of the Russian Federation men of science have counted 12 - petrofactories, the metallurgical enterprises and the state district power stations belonging to the largest corporations of Russia and... Europe. Idea, of course, revolutionary - till now under a sight was to two hundreds our cities and the industrial enterprises. If Obama agrees with the new concept in case of nuclear attacks across Russia there will be lost in total about one million person. But the industry will be destroyed so what to conduct after that war (under the American forecasts) our country cannot.

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in general, the offer bribing on humanity. After all at the time of cold war the Pentagon was ready to destroy to a quarter of the population of the USSR. And so any progress...
Victor Yesin, the general - the colonel, the former chief of the General staff of Rocket strategic forces of the Russian Federation:
- the Offer of the American scientists looks like the political slogan more. To realise this invention it is impossible. Wherefore in case of an exchange of nuclear attacks each of the parties during the concrete moment chooses the concrete purposes. I cannot present to myself that between the USA and Russia there was a bilateral contract on which these plans would be vised in Washington and Moscow...
Leonid Ivashov, the general - the colonel, the president of Academy of geopolitical problems:
- In this American idea the artful dirty trick disappears. Through negotiating process with us the USA want to reduce to a minimum the Russian nuclear arms - to that level which the American system of the ABM can neutralise.
the American trap for prostachkov
It is very likely that the American experts loyal in appearance an invention want to accompany Obama`s ideas to achieve essential reductions of nuclear arms of the USA and Russia. And at the same time by means of this feeler to probe a position of the Kremlin.
it would Seem, it is possible to applaud only to intention of Americans to reduce almost in 15 times (with 190 to 12) quantity of objects in territory of the Russian Federation which in case of war should be destroyed first of all. Yes after all and humanity - that what! SHtatovtsy intend to beat not on big cities, and on strategic industrial targets of Russia! Though almost 95 % of these objects are adhered to our megacities. The almost same picture and in the USA. So in what a counter? And in that, it seems to me that during crisis times and for Americans already it became unprofitable to contain so huge arsenals. And in case any nuclear cellar will appear in an operative range of act of nature (like any new Katriny ) Or becomes a target of act of terrorism, to States not pozdorovitsja.
Americans give a signal of Russia - a pier, follow us an example. The offer tempting. As we and so are urged to reduce the rockets which have served. Yes only there are here two but . If we reduce the arsenals under the American scenario then the main role in the field of fight will be taken away to forces of general purpose. And here at the USA the repeated superiority. Well and the American echelons of the ABM can is if something happens more reliable intercept small flocks the remained Russian ballistic missiles.
So on such artful trap can peck unless prostrikes.
Victor BARANETS, a military observer