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In Russian football there will be a second Ruslan Nigmatullin

the Triple champion of Russia has visited province capital in new to itself role. Having finished last year career in professional football, today Ruslan with success submits the best dancings of the country as the DJ. In last uik - end Ruslan has won back in one of the Samara night clubs in frames of the Goalkeeper tour – 2010.

It is necessary to tell, arrival eks - the goalkeeper in a city has not called a special agiotage. Posters it was indecent a little. And many simply did not recognise for didzhejskim the panel star eks - the goalkeeper Moscow « the Locomotive ». But despite it in club has gathered a lot of youth which with impatience waited hot summer tracks and Nigmatullin`s mixes. Shortly before party start « it was possible to communicate to the Moscow visitor.  

- Ruslan, you for the first time in Samara in role of the professional DJ …

- Yes, really. In your region and the nearest Volga region cities I yet was not. Tour tour at me has begun approximately about two months ago. The schedule very dense, I play each days off, Friday - Saturday, all is painted till the end of autumn. And in November it is necessary tour over the USA. Geography of performances the extensive. Yesterday, for example, I acted in Stary Oskol the Belgorod region. Today at you.

Interview to Ruslanom Nigmatullin in Samara

- As has dared to plunge from the world of professional football into music, club life?

- all Has turned out casually. To me have suggested to play a star set, then I have gone to study. And, you know, has tightened, has drained in … (laughs). I have steeped in music. Certainly, to it there were preconditions. I have finished music school on a class of a classical guitar. Certainly, it not an indicator, but nevertheless. I since the childhood love music. And I debuted in capital night club « Opera » on February, 6th this year. Yes, more recently, but already for such short time I managed to win attention of public. But considering that to me 35 years, it is necessary to be accelerated in this business, it is impossible to stretch. Among beginners I, probably, one of most « old ».

- It turns out, music now for you on the first place. You have departed from football?

- At sports the metrics age. I already the pensioner for sports. Unfortunately, possibilities of an organism after 30 - ti go on recession, it is heavy to remain the best. Certainly, it was possible to play at any level more low, but …

Ruslan Nigmatullin for di - dzhejskim the panel.
a photo: Julia RODIONOVA

- In the beginning 2000 - h, Ruslan, you arrived offers to play for « Wings of advice » Remember this moment?

- Is not present, to me personally with such offer nobody was converted, especially in 2000 - m. Then I played « the Locomotive » career was on the ball. If I also could consider Samara, only in a year 2005 when there was a recession. On peak, of course, is not present. But I know, my agents offered me in « KS » Tkachenko then was at a wheel if I am not mistaken, but has not developed.

- Ruslan, for certain at you remains many friends of football players, probably, with someone looked a Champions League final?

- Friends basically do not happen much. If it is fair, I now perfectly communicate only with two people who also have already finished the career in football. And with those who now plays, I practically do not communicate. As a rule, game I like to look at home with a family. The elder son at me is engaged in football, to it of 10 years, it the pupil « the Locomotive ». He is called also by Ruslan Nigmatullin, the goalkeeper.

the Fragment of performance of Ruslana Nigmatullin in the Samara club

- a leah at you time Will look at Samara?

- To me have already shown, how it at you is called, well where newly-married couple of all bring,   a helicopter platform, has remembered! Simply tremendous kind therefrom opens, even on video to itself has written down. On all time does not suffice. I will repeat, the schedule very difficult. After performance it would be desirable to have a rest, lay down to have a sleep. Next Friday, for example, I already act in Alma - Ate.

- With the given program which will be presented today the Samara party-goers, you will act till November. And a leah is in plans new projects?

- Yes, I write the album. It is already ready two tracks, them already with might and main play on all the CIS, without false modesty. Next week there is the third. It is a lot of plans!