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The ex-husband has stolen at jakutjanki the child and has taken away to Novosibirsk

Half a year of tears … Half a year of sleepless nights … So long searched native 5 - a summer sonny the inhabitant of Yakutsk Egorov`s Anna. Together with it about destiny of the kid worried hardly probable all city.

the Ex-husband whom the woman has left about one year back, a deceit has taken away from it the son and has taken away to itself home to Novosibirsk.

in this megacity some years ago Anna also has got acquainted with the future husband.

- I from Yakutsk, - tell the woman. - to Novosibirsk has arrived to study in financial high school. There the love also has met.

has married, has given birth to son Simeon. Spouses have together lived more than 5 years, and have then dispersed. Why? Anna does not speak, does not want to chafe an old wound …

- Have left like on - good. I have left from it in a native city together with Simeon, - it continues. - To see to the husband the son never forbade, it arrived to Yakutsk. But once visors of the child to take a walk and … has taken away!

Anna tried to return the son on - good, but it turned out nothing. The father, probably, has hidden the child, has decided it to nurture.

- At the spouse business, on the son of time is not present. Simeon with the nurse has stayed all these months, - with bitterness Anna speaks. - I had to be converted into court with the claim about definition of a residence of the son. The court has passed the decision in my advantage. But the husband and its relatives all the same did not give the child. Therefore I was converted to court enforcement officers of Novosibirsk.

to Find the boy it has appeared uneasy. When Anna together with the police officer, the representative of administration and the police officer has arrived home to the father of the kid,   neither the man, nor the child there has not appeared

- Our employees have worked as the present detectives. Having received from court the court order, have there and then started to search on all channels. They have established that the boy is written down in one of city pools and always appears there on employment, - have told in a press - service of Management of federal service of court enforcement officers across the Novosibirsk region.

the Child really has appeared in pool. Police officers have given   to Anna of the son also have tracked that they have easy sat down in the plane to Yakutsk.

- Thanks police officers, - Anna gives thanks. - if not these people not to see to me the son. But with the ex-husband I hope to adjust relations. It he from offence all has done, and offence - the bad adviser. Let the father communicates with the child. They love each other, and as   to the child to explain, why the father with mum quarrel?  

Names and surnames of mother and the child are changed for ethical reasons.