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Grishkovets heard a ring, yes has pretended that does not know, where it

- Here only it is not necessary to remove, please,   - Evgenie Grishkovets to one of spectators who in hands had a videocamera was converted. - you have bought the ticket is yours. And it   - mine,   - the director has added, pressing a hand with heart.

In the past   days off Evgenie Grishkovets has presented to the Vologda public the new performance « +1 ».

- In my opinion, this performance is very similar on « Simultaneously »   - Natalia has shared impressions from seen vologzhanka. - it is so similar that is possible there - here pieces the text to move. The scenography this time was abrupt! If usually all is simple and to primitive lapidarno then a window the present was with machines, a room - a shield and sand. Sand was that Mars, snow, paradise sand. There so on a broader scale paradise has been made, I already ojknula!

Spectators the packed house was typed. The cheapest tickets   - 900 roubles   - have bought up some weeks prior to performance.

- Grishkovets, as always, has passed « on hurrah »! - has told « vologzhanin Sergey. Is a person - a feast! Impressions the most remarkable and strange.   it is a lot of information. About what it? Then not to tell at all... About loneliness of the person in itself and separately from mankind. About the person in relation to 7 billion other people.

- It was visible that Grishkovtsa pret from the Vologda public, as well as BG,   - considers visited on Anastas`s performance. - which time it already to us comes. Public with it on one wave. Look at it in silence, the mouth opens only to burst out laughing. We left from performance such illuminated! On - to mine, he was stirred, has told that new performances did not put 8 years, only wrote books and songs and played that is. It is visible that here he was stirred, looked narrowly, as we will conceive this or that phrase.

Evgenie Grishkovets scrupulously concerns how the spectator conceives its creativity. Does not suffer, when people talk loudly by phone or often leave.

- This time it even almost on phones did not distract, - Natalia speaks. - would stop performance earlier, has told something. Here all few times on public distracted. If someone went, he spoke nothing on it. Only one guy has asked not to remove on video, and that, on - kind so.