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The schoolboy from Buryatiya have awarded for rescue rolling

In the Uhlan - Ude at school 31 on a solemn ruler have awarded 9 - klassnika Vanju Zhamjanova for rescue of the person. In the beginning of April the schoolboy has pulled out from the river Udy sinking 6 - the summer girl. We will remind, the teenager has come to the rescue 5 - summer of the neighbour to Daniel Zajtsevu when that, trying to rescue the sister, has seized teeth an almuce of its jacket. Vanja Zhamjanov has pulled out the grown weak and frozen girl from water.

to thank 15 - the summer teenager for this courageous act, for a solemn ruler have gathered not only teachers and pupils from its school, but also the first persons of republic. The boy Alexander Fomenko, the head of Republican agency GO and CHS Alexander Bushuev, deputy head GU awarded the vice-president of the Government of Republic Buryatiya on development of an infrastructure the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Buryatiya Vladimir Glagazin, the assistant to the senator from Buryatiya Yury Ivans, the deputy the Uhlan - Udensky city council of deputies Sergey Buzhinaev.

Alexander Fomenko in the performance named Ivan`s act exploit, has thanked teachers, parents of the teenager for such education, and the boy – for courage which it has shown at rescue of the little girl. On behalf of the president and the government of republic it has handed over to young rescuer DVD - a player.

Republican agency GO and CHS has presented 5 - to summer Daniel Zajtsevu, the brother rolling, a bicycle. The senator from Buryatiya has noted gifts of all children. To boys from his name laptops have been handed over, to Lize who has called to the aid brother Ivan, – Dress and doll, and small the Shaft – to the future first-grader whom all amicably rescued, – the school, sports form and a colourful satchel with kantstovarami.