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Hooligans from the Chelyabinsk area have thrown under a train a toilet bowl

the Locomotive peacefully went from point And in B.No`s point under Ust - Katavom the assistant to the machinist has broken lulling knock of wheels.

- Mihalych, what it there shines on ways?

That has struck on brakes. Under the very nose trains were played the sun by a toilet bowl from stainless steel what stand in lavatories of carriages. The assistant left. It was convinced that at least today on direct purpose nobody used a find, and has pushed off it in a ditch.

All road to depot the locomotive brigade puzzled, who needed so to joke. Perhaps, it is the offended passenger so that have not started up it in a booth in a sanitary zone revenges. The pier, has danced I before the door locked by the strict guide, now you run about round my present. Or summer residents so define position about the company on struggle against hares in electric trains. Now after all posters continually hang: « Pay for journey, be the person! » a toilet bowl free riders hint, say, here that we want to do, instead of tickets to buy.

- People now very vigilant, - tells a press - the secretary of the South Ural Department of Internal Affairs on transport Elena Epimahova, - ownerless bags, boxes, packages do not pass by eyes. There and then inform us. In day we receive on 5 - 6 demands about detection of suspicious subjects on ways.

Jokers are searched now by militia if they are, they will be punished for hooliganism. And at desire, to it can also attempt at act of terrorism to solder in: who knows, than would end, if the locomotive has flown on a toilet bowl.