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The gang of swindlers from Moscow has plundered the Saratov veterans

« to you indemnification » is put;

On a sight to swindlers Gennady Gromov has got after has reserved the medicine advertised by radio. The preparation of special effect has not given, and the veteran, having written off it on bad health, has safely forgotten about unsuccessful purchase. But in couple of months in the house of Gromova the call was distributed. The young energetic man was presented « the deputy from committee sotsobespechenija » also has informed that the firm in which the pensioner has got tablets, has appeared lime. And now - about a miracle! - to Gennady Ivanovichu as suffered from actions of swindlers, indemnification is put.

- He has explained that on my name the open account, on which 123 thousand. But to receive them, it is necessary to pay transfer — 26 thousand. I have told that for me it very much a great sum. Then the deputy has consulted to someone and has informed that to me as to the veteran, do a discount — it is necessary to pay all 19 thousand. The voice was such self-confident, even impudent that I have believed, - Gennady Gromov helplessly makes a helpless gesture.

Money at Gromova was. Some years successively it saved them for a monument to the favourite spouse — it did not become some years ago. After an unusual call Gennady Ivanovich long could not fall asleep — thought how to be. It would not be desirable to touch savings, but also to refuse indemnification - it is a pity. At daybreak the veteran has counted necessary 19 thousand and has gone to bank.

the Veteran has managed to tape telephone conversation with swindlers

- After I have transferred money, to me have called and have told that very well, but now the tranche on 123 thousand at them is not present, is on 150. And consequently it is necessary to pay in addition 27 thousand more. A pier then at once all will list to me. And I have believed, took the remained savings and have paid! Here all is specified, - Thunders nervously trifles two pay-sheets.

Having listed to 46 thousand, it has not received copecks. « a tranche » in 150 thousand too it has not appeared. Was in 300, but for this purpose from the veteran have demanded 50 thousand more, and they at it any more were not.

- Well occupy from somebody. Do not want to pay? Then we will write-off you! - impudently pressed on Gennady Ivanovicha by phone. That has managed to write down one of such conversations.

- Again you, Gennady Ivanovich! You to me listen, this money is enlisted on your bill, therefore before something to tell, it is necessary to think a head to whom and that speak! Here you now talk to me? Here I also am your guarantee! Questions are about it? - The voice of the interlocutor in reply to shy attempts of the old man to find out rattles, a leah will deceive him.

Swindlers have enticed at the pensioner of 46 thousand roubles.
a photo: Evgenie GUSEV

After the next call with the requirement of money, Thunders has written the application in militia. But having studied materials, in Leninsk OVD of Saratov have informed that submit the case the Moscow colleagues. A pier, requisites and phones capital, therefore and to search for swindlers it is necessary there.

- Me before « the deputy » only to reach! - clenches in powerless anger fists of Thunders, and then, having pressed a hand suddenly taken heart, it is hardly audible exhales: I it, to fascists, have shown!

Unfortunately, Gennady Ivanovich — far not the unique deceived veteran. Each time swindlers become more and more inventive, thinking out all new ways « otema money at the population ».

As the veteran have robed on May, 9th

to call by phone and to tell that with the loved one there was a misfortune — the best-known number of swindlers. In shock from heard, seldom who guesses to dial number « the victim » the relative. But, to such cynicism with which the swindler from the Saratov region has turned business, worldly-wise field investigators were surprised even.
in day when in all country celebrated the heroes who have saved the world from fascism, the grandfather has come to militia - a dandelion and strongly hesitating, has told that it have plundered. On May, 9th in the house to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War the woman has knocked and has told that his daughter was strongly bitten by a vagrant dog, it is urgently necessary 10 thousand on hospitalisation. The frightened veteran has got the savings wrapped in the old newspaper from a case and having counted half, has given to the swindler. But it it seemed to it a little.

- When the owner left in other room, it has taken away remained ten thousand and has disappeared, - have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor.

the Swindler managed to be detained. Fortunately, to spend it was in time of nothing also all money have returned to the veteran. Now accusation in swindle and theft is brought to the woman. Business is passed in court.

In the same way in Balashove two pensioners have lost the money postponed for funeral. One was called by unknown persons and have informed that her son has knocked down the person, but for its 54 thousand it is possible « otmazat ». The woman has passed malefactors the necessary sum and only has then guessed to contact the relative. The swindler himself has visited other pensioner on a visit, changed clothes for the militian form.

« Cheap » medicines and devices « specially for you »

One more favourite reception of hunters for veterans — pokvartirnyj detour. Whence at criminals addresses of lonely pensioners &mdash undertake; it is not known, but they use them was very able. To old men call at a door and offer a miracle - devices and a miracle - medicines « specially for you ». But if earlier the emphasis became on miracle properties of the goods, now a bargaining chip of swindlers — care of the state. People are represented by social workers and inform that under the special social program these things are offered pensioners and veterans on is unique to the low price. And old men, rejoicing that they still though are necessary to someone, give the blood.

- Recently to us the elderly woman has called to learn how much is a bioadditive for digestion improvement. A preparation cheap — only 30 - 40 roubles. When the woman has learnt it, has gasped. The day before she has bought privately same for six thousand! Young men have brought on the house, - Elena Homchenko has told the deputy director of the Vitamin Center in Saratov.

has similarly given for a pig in a poke all monthly income one more pensioner from Saratov. Month 70 - summer Peter Trifonovich ate one macaroni, but now it has a miracle - a small lamp with colour glasses. Gatecrashers have informed that all the rest the device sell on 30 thousand, and to it will give for four. Also have promised that with the help a miracle - machines it will cure sick joints, normalises pressure and will get rid of headaches.

it has not gone To militia — speaks, it is a shame that on an old age of years so have swindled. For the same reason he asked not to name its surname. But in the evenings, when pressure starts to skip, and nearby anybody is not present, Peter Trifonovich gets the small lamp and shines on a special point on a forehead as it is drawn in the instruction, hopes - perhaps will help.

the COMMENT of the EXPERT:

do not believe, be not afraid, do not pay!

Dmitry Zhuravlyov, the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Saratov area of the Saratov region:

- there were now many people who do not want to work, but want money. There are two types of swindlers. The first, so-called « white collars » - clever people with thin strategy. They are able to leave about themselves pleasant impression. The second — more simple, without hints on moral qualities, thirst an easy and fast profit. Therefore them to catch easier. On veterans it is now really open « hunting ». Swindlers are greedy for their payments and pensions, which much more the usual.

the Main way to secure and the savings — not to let in the house of strangers. Not to take statements a word, all to check. Take the call, type « the victim » - in 90 percent of cases it will appear that with it that`s OK.