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Where butter from the engine flows away?

- happens that the driver, extending shchup, notices that butter level in the engine has decreased. Where greasing disappears and how to struggle with this phenomenon? – the expert of one of HUNDRED Irkutsk Alexander Sedov tells. - we Will try to understand.

we Will notice that engine oil can leak and in the unit, and outside. In the latter case it is easy for finding out – after short-term parking under the car bottom there are oil stains. The reason of such leaks usually is deterioration of epiploons and linings which in a motor design the set is provided. In this case, to correct a situation, change these elements. It is possible to try to tighten krepezhi, and also to replace a lining on a mouth cover. Partially or application of the special additives added in butter can temporarily help.

In the second variant, butter from greasing system gets to the combustion chamber. It is necessary to notice that this process is characteristic for any internal combustion engine. But norm of combustion of butter – no more than 1 litre on 10 thousand in km. Run. Though, if the car engine constantly works without loadings, is qualitatively served - change of level of butter can be and to imperceptibly unaided sight. A classical method of struggle against butter hit in cylinders is replacement of rings. But, unfortunately not always this way helps. The reason that new maslosemnye rings should with effort press on the cylinder case. It in turn depends on quality of a selection of new rings and from deterioration of grooves of the cylinder for installation of rings. At default of these conditions, leaky prileganie rings leads to combustion of the cylinder of butter remaining on walls.

the big backlash between walls of the cylinder and the piston can be Other reason of leak of butter. The matter is that on a cylinder surface special small deepenings (honingovanie) which do it a little rough are cut out. They are intended for butter deduction on walls. Otherwise maslosemnye rings without the rest remove greasing and a detail work without butter. As a result rings, a cylinder surface strongly wear out, and also the power unit overheats. Therefore deterioration of these deepenings or their total absence also can lead to butter leak.

One more widespread reason « leaving » butters deterioration of epiploons of valves is. In this case butter on cores of valves goes to cylinders where accordingly and burns down. The same result will be as a result of the increased distance between the plug and a valve core. And in that case the situation is not rescued even by new epiploons.

How to define, what is the true reason of leak of butter? Unscrew candles and examine them. If on them there is a black deposit butter leaves through epiploons of valves. Examine also an internal part of the air filter. If you see there black oily soot, means in cylinders there is no normal consolidation.

At last we will notice that it is not necessary to delay search and elimination of the reason of leak of butter, constantly adding it. It is fraught with that the motor can simply « to begin to knock » as a result « oil starvation ». Also the probability of a burn-out of the valve or the piston is great. These consequences will cause expensive repair of the power unit. Therefore to lead up the motor to such status it is not necessary.