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The drunkard has spent on drink 30 antiquarian samovars of the neighbour

45 - the summer inhabitant of Kolomna Igor K all life was fond of a collecting of subjects of olden time. It has collected the big collection of coal samovars. As collecting subjects were bulky enough, Igor has brought them on storage to the room in a communal flat in the street Suvorov in the city of Kolomna.

on May, 27th the collector has visited in a communal flat to admire the treasures, and has found out shortage. From storehouse were gone 30 (!) Antiquarian samovars. Thus the room was, as before, is locked.

Igor has suspected of theft of the neighbour and to catch the pilferer red-handed, has established in a room the latent videocamera

50 - summer the neighbour has not kept itself waiting long, and soon the chamber has photographed it on a scene of crime. By means of a master key it has opened the lock in Igor`s room, and has profited by the next samovar.

Criminal business of the resourceful neighbour was stopped by the police officers who have arrived to a communal flat on a call of the collector.

- As it was found out during check, within a month it almost daily came into this room, and took out on one samovar, - have informed in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow Region. - the thief went with a samovar directly to point of reception of nonferrous metals. On the obtained money he bought a vodka bottle. And ancient copper samovars the sad fate waited - them sent in a meltdown. The victim has estimated a damage in 100 000 roubles.