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From - for Unified State Examination seaside graduates have hammered on estimations

Today on all country started Unified State Examination - 2010. Meanwhile, uniform examination of last year has revealed in system, both positive sides, and lacks. About, a leah has justified itself Unified State Examination, « » has talked to the pro-rector on dovuzovskomu to education DVGU by Andrey Nikolaevichem   SHushinym.

  Primortsy have passed examinations worse, than on the average across Russia, but their results are objective

- In Unified State Examination, as well as in any other form of total certification, there are pluses and minuses, - Andrey Shushin argues. - Another matter, a leah was possible to use completely those pluses what gives us Unified State Examination?

it is unconditional, the positive moment that graduates hand over examinations only once. So, there is no such hassle, as before Unified State Examination introduction when right after delivery of school examinations the graduate was exposed to new tests in high schools.

- On the other hand, Unified State Examination practically does not influence in any way what estimations will stand in the certificate of the graduate, - Andrey Nikolaevich recognises. - So it is impossible to tell that any uniform form of total certification, which   has turned out; would influence and estimations in certificates and on competition for receipt in high school.

Unified State Examinations consider as the independent form of an estimation of knowledge of graduates. Spent examinations earlier and put total estimations the same teachers, as trained children within several years. Therefore and the result was subjective enough. But all schoolboys of the country hand over Unified State Examination by the general rules in one term. However there were here again problems.    

- All of us we remember scandals of last year when in the whole regions results of examinations have been called into question, - Andrey Shushin argues. Is, first of all, fault of organizers which have unfairly spent examination: There was no due control, graduates used mobile phones, cribs.

then it is possible to speak About what objectivity? Well really schoolboys of North Caucasian republics it is the best in the country know Russian? And after all they have appeared in leaders.

And here Primorski Territory by results of Unified State Examination has appeared at the tail-end absolutely in all subjects.

- But it does not mean that our graduates are prepared most worse, - Andrey Nikolaevich speaks. - The matter is that Primorski Krai - last from regions which was connected to Unified State Examination. If where - that in the country   total certification in the form of Unified State Examination fulfilled already on five – eight years we have joined in this process so in large quantities for the first time.

according to Shushina, these results in the majority correspond to real level of preparation of our graduates and show that in Primorski Krai of Unified State Examination has been spent most objectively. That you will not tell, for example,   About the Voronezh region where last year grandiose scandal has burst.   there local high schools refused to accept certificates of Unified State Examination with high points in subjects at graduates of the area as knew, with what infringements passed tests.

So absolute objectivity as reformers wanted to achieve yet it was not possible.

  Level of preparation of modern graduates calls set of questions

it is possible to argue and on, how much   much; the estimation of knowledge in the form of testing is objective.

- Certainly, knowledge in the field of natural-science disciplines very successfully can be estimated by means of tests, - Andrey   is assured; Nikolaevich. - And here with Russian, history, the literature there are complexities. Here all depends on quality prepared kontrolno - measuring materials. Certainly, to fill up children with minor questions like « As called a horse Bolkonsky » missing a essence of product, incorrectly.

Besides, according to Shushina, a problem of Unified State Examination and that high schools are now actually discharged of procedure of an estimation of level of preparation of entrants.

- There is such opinion that earlier results of introductory tests in high schools were biassed. But after all high schools are interested in accepting for study of the most prepared children, - Andrey Nikolaevich assures.

Afflicts also that fact that with knowledge present generation arriving in high schools not bleshchet.

- Unfortunately, level of preparation of today`s graduates of schools does not maintain more often any criticism, -   Andrey Shushin recognises. - we are urged to begin Training of first-year students from the beginning. If at once to start to realise   the new educational program, many students simply will understand nothing.

  Persecutions on olimpiadnikov are unfair

Many attacks after Unified State Examination - 2009 was and on winners of the Olympic Games, from - for which, ostensibly, to usual average graduates the road to high school has been closed.

- the Olympic Games - a thing very necessary, - Andrey Shushin does not agree. -   At winners of the Olympic Games preparation level much above, than at usual graduates that is why they should have privileges at receipt. Besides,   these privileges remains not too much.

So, according to Andrey Shushina enter high school hors concours those who has defeated can only or became the prize-winner   final a stage of the All-Russia Olympic Games of schoolboys. In   current year such bestowals from Primorski Krai all four (and only two from them - eleventh-graders). However, there is 7 more person – prize-winners of the Olympic Games « Lomonosov - 2010 » on the stories, which regional stage passed on the basis of DVGU. And they have the right of out-of-competition transfer only at receipt on the specialities corresponding to a profile of the Olympic Games which have defeated, or can receive the maximum 100 points in the given subject at receipt on not profile speciality.

-   And conversations that many olimpiadniki have failed at the first session, to Primorski Krai have no relation, - Andrey Nikolaevich speaks. - At all of us who has used at receipt by a privilege for winners of the subject Olympic Games, are successful in study.

Besides, has not changed with ward of Unified State Examination and quantity poor in high schools.

- the Quarter of students following the results of the first session, as well as last years, balance on the verge of deduction, - Andrey Shushin speaks.

Primorski Krai did not shine with last year`s indicators of Unified State Examination, but in objectivity of estimations here doubts are not present
the Photo: Xenia VORONEZHTSEVA

  Capable children after Unified State Examination introduction leave the Far East

Earlier to go to capital for delivery of entrance examinations units risked. The most part of entrants arrived in local high schools, studied, found a job and settled in the homeland. Unified State Examination has given chance especially ambitious to enter capital high schools without an extra risk.

- very many have scattered statements on local high schools, and have left to Moscow, St.-Petersburg, - Andrey Shushin tells. - Perhaps to enter the Moscow State University, MFTI or St.Petersburg State University at many from   they are not present any chances, but to pass in others   less prestigious capital high schools of problems will not make.

in general, many talents leave on the West, and in Primorski Krai remain « serednjachki ».

  Schools and high schools on the different parties of barricades

- both school and high school worked Earlier in one sheaf. Teachers were interested, how much   graduates of their school were entered by institutes – it was the original rating for average educational institution. With introduction of Unified State Examination of school and high schools have appeared on different coast, - Andrey Shushin recognises. -   Teachers are not interested in that graduates, especially not so successful in study, chose their subject as additional examination. Teachers are afraid that if pupils will ruin the given examination concerning them, teachers, can follow orgvyvody. Though heads of the Ministry of Education also say that Unified State Examination at all is not a criterion of quality of work of the teacher.

But the facts - a thing obstinate if on all country in comparison with last year the quantity of demands for delivery of subjects for choice, necessary for receipt in high school has increased on the average by 15 %, in Primorski Krai, on the contrary, these indicators considerably below last year`s.

As a result, even having received the certificate, the graduate loses possibility to enter high school. After all, arriving in a higher educational institution, it is necessary to have on hands positive results of Unified State Examination, at least in three subjects. The quantity of graduates as a whole &ndash has decreased also; last year in Primorski Krai passed the Unified State Examination almost 17,5 thousand person, and in their this year less than 13000.   And if in 2009, those who has not had time to be defined with subjects for choice till March, 1st, could pass examinations in the second wave with graduates of last years this year such indulgence will not be.

- We in frameworks proforientatsionnoj works have travelled all edge and have found out that many in remote places simply did not know that till March, 1st it is necessary to make an application on Unified State Examination delivery in subjects for choice. Children and their parents thought that it is necessary to hand over these examinations already at universities in additional (July) terms, - Andrey Nikolaevich tells. - So for high schools hard times come.