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Win a vacation package in the House - 2 !

on June, 16th in well-known « the House - 2 » on channel TNT there will pass the big party open-air where the Chelyabinsk admirers of the program are invited also.
there to get, it is necessary to answer all questions, which « will publish from number in number. Following the results of a quiz the lucky beggar who will go on the program (flight and residing at the expense of TV channel) will be chosen. So, we begin.

Cousins has invited   Gleb on the romanticist,   that …

  1. To admit to it old passion.
  2. To help Marina who has prepared for Gleb a surprise.
  3. To play a trick on it.

Feofilaktova and Zadojnov Have called. They come back from Turkey   also plan …

  1. To declare itself in pair.
  2. To move there on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE and to leave from the project.
  3. It is More to communicate never.

Nadja considers that its relations with Nektariem will be constructed …

1. On mutual understanding.
2. On passion.
3. On the general interests.

Answers send SMS on phone 8 - 902 - 616 - 06 - 06, with a mark « the House - 2 » (payment as for the usual message under tariffs of the operator). For the second series of questions search on Friday, on May, 28th.