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The gang from forty swindlers has deceived some thousand veterans

Employees of Management on struggle with   economic security of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs   capitals have neutralised a gang of swindlers which on the eve of an anniversary of Victory has managed to collect from pensioners and   veterans of the Great Patriotic War more than 35 million roubles.

Have detained swindlers past Monday: special actions were spent across all Moscow and area. As a result on suspicion in large swindle 40 persons are detained.
in this big gang everyone had a specialisation. There were professional operators,   which crept in soul literally. Others were called « actors ». They were transferred in apartments of pensioners under the pretext of militiamen, physicians and social workers. Still there were those who opened bills in banks, cashed money, transported the large sums.

Field investigators have detained also two leaders of a gang - the Muscovite and the jobless visitor from Ukraine. They trained swindlers to raise from old men money actually for air.

the deceit Scheme was multistage. Some pensioners who already before were coming across on such dodges, all the same again « have attacked a rake » having trusted in these telephone speculators.

« Swindlers dexterously used the information base of bodies of social security stolen by them, - the chief has told a press - Management groups on struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of capital Phillip Zolotnitsky . - Using electronic base in which is   addresses and phones of all veterans of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of work and invalids, criminals agreed with them by phone about a meeting. They sent to old men home participants of a gang who were represented by medical workers and employees of a welfare service. Visitors suggested to buy BUDS (biological additives to food) ».

it there was a first step of swindle. When old men began to be converted into militia, having understood that have bought not a youth elixir, and eating additives at the overestimated cost, swindlers have replaced tactics.

They have rung round again victims. But already under the pretext of inspectors of militia. Swindlers declared to pensioners that all villains are caught, and   the city authorities are ready   to indemnify to the robed Muscovites a loss at a rate of 100 000 roubles. But for this purpose it is necessary for victims in advance   to return 18 percent of the profit tax, it is necessary to list money on a special bill. It was the second series of a scale deceit

When money has been collected, swindlers have passed to the next stage of swindle, having switched to veterans.

some months prior to 65 - letija Victories they in the third time have rung round victims, this time vydavav themselves for employees of nonexistent state committee on carrying out of a feast of Victory. Swindlers have informed veterans that by May, 9th the special commemorative medal is let out. To receive an award and large material aid,   veterans again asked to pay through bank of 18 percent.

- Daily on bills of swindlers it was listed an order of 1,5 million roubles, - Phillip Zolotnitsky has told , - only for a month criminals have deceived pensioners for the sum, exceeding 35 million roubles. In business there is an old man at whom swindlers managed to get two million roubles, and the lonely grandmother who has given them the last 400 000 roubles. Field investigators had to be thrown off to the pensioner on meal.

Most of all victims in cities of the Central Federal district. Swindlers were not lazy to send couriers to Tula, Ryazan and Nizhni Novgorod.    

Inspectors UBEP the Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs of Moscow ask all suffered to call by phone   8(495) 950 - 45 - 89