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Where and for how much in Barnaul to buy a cottage

Manors in suburb: the pure air, any city vanity and thus all conditions for comfort... Everyone, perhaps, dreams of it. But, as usual, in this life all solve money. About what prices today in Barnaul on cottages in various city and suburban settlements, our today`s material.

the Price depends on a settlement category

One of the most important criteria at a choice of cottage settlement is presence of an engineering and social infrastructure, and also how much the settlement is close to a city. In this connection cottage settlements of Barnaul conditionally share on some categories.


Cottage settlements ekonomklassa use the greatest demand at Barnaul citizens. After all here both houses decent, and settlements already enough rendered habitable so, and the infrastructure is quite developed. To ekonomklassu cottage settlements the Companion, October and the Pilot concern. Cost of houses here from 1 - 1,5 million roubles (5 - 6 hundred parts of the earth, the small house 50 - 60 sq.).

Business - a class

the Arranged well settlements with the developed infrastructure, but thus cost of houses here above, than in settlements ekonomklassa. To business - to a class settlements the Solar Glade, and also some houses in settlements the Pilot and October concern. Cost of cottages business - a class - from 2,5 to 5 million roubles. To business - the class can carry and young settlement « Pure Ponds ». Meanwhile it small, but rather perspective as behind it there is powerful enough concern which is ready to put up money in development of settlement.

Between the house-keeper and business - classes exists one more category of cottage settlements. Initially they reflected as settlements business - a class, but yet do not hold out to this rank though it is quite possible that in the future will concern to business - to a class. Settlements concern this category Fertile, Successful, the Siberian Valley. The prices for cottages here fluctuate from 1,5 to 5 million roubles.

Elite - a class

As a rule, elite are small, dot buildings. To elite - to a class the settlement Firsova a large village, and also cottage constructions on the Grief (area of new regional hospital, and also base area « concerns; Avalman ») . The cottage of elite - a class costs 15 - 30 million roubles. Also has put here at all that houses are constructed of gold, simply works a principle klassovosti. Clients who choose cottages in settlements of elite - a class, very much think much of that in the neighbourhood with them there lived people of the high social status.

- Now cost on cottages has fallen practically twice since 2008. However there are settlements in which the price practically always remains stable - does not fall, but also does not grow. It concerns settlement October, - Konstantin NIKITEEV, the head Barnaul agenstsva explains to real estate. - And on a broader scale, the price of each house is individual. Much depends on a house site in settlement, architecture, furnish, promptness of sale and etc.

the Map of areas


What prospects at low building

With this question we were converted to heads of various agencies of real estate.

Konstantin NIKITEEV, the head « the Key rielt »:

- Low building all over the world is priority. At the person at genetic level is put to have the ground, the house. The market of low building very actively developed in 2007 when cost of a country private residence was equated to 3 - room apartment. Now cottages are accessible not all. Though if to judge on residing economy, cottages are more favourable, it is possible to supervise all expenses. Therefore life in the private house inexpensive, but at the same time the comfortable.

Tatyana SEMENOVA, the head of agency of real estate « And - the centre »:

- Soar of low building was in 2007 - 2008. Now demand for habitation in cottage settlements has very strongly decreased. It is connected, in - the first, with market glut, and in - the second, with quality of cottages. People have faced that at houses is a lot of defects - too high basements, an insufficient thickness of walls. As a result of the house very cold. Probably, role in it new building materials of which they are constructed have played, - not all of them can sustain the Siberian severe frosts. Besides, demand for cottage settlements is limited also by the high prices.

Valery FOMENKO, the head of agency « Miel - real estate »:

- Prospects at low building very big. However in Barnaul we face a problem of absence at builders of cottage settlements of the necessary capital. At us exists two variants of purchase of the house. The first - you buy it from the builder, the second - buy the land and build. But what here arises a problem - one build, others are not present. The Vivid example to that is the Solar Glade. The settlement exists since 1991, but till now all infrastructure there is not completely made, there are no children`s playgrounds, there are no sidewalks. That the such did not occur, to build up settlement builders, in my opinion, should, or develop share building. Then it will be possible to avoid many subquality work.

Yury GATILOV, the general director of Open Company « the Housing initiative »:

- the government program on resettlement of people from high-rise buildings in private houses Is necessary, only in this case low building will have due development. Otherwise this branch and will be in a slow status. And on a broader scale, many problems will be solved with development of low building. In - the first, moral - personally I consider that the child should be nurtured since the childhood in the private house. In - the second, the municipal problem will dare - each person himself will be responsible for a status of the communal flat that will allow to avoid disputes and problems.