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The driver has brought down the child on a parking

state of emergency there was in Ordzhonikidzevsky area of Novokuznetsk, in the street Parhomenko. The young woman, walking with the small daughter by whom recently it was executed year and nine months, has met the girlfriend and with the small little son

Young mums have stopped to chat near to trading pavilion. Children all time were nearby in the face of adults. But unexpectedly boy, in reply to one of interdictions of mum has gone into a hysterics and both mothers have rushed to calm it.

According to the woman, its attention from a daughter has distracted on what that minute. But also for so much short time the misfortune has had time to occur.

While the woman was engaged in another`s child the babe has reached the parked car. At this time the driver has started to leave with parking by a backing and has made arrival on the girl. Fortunately, « Toyota » moved with low speed, and the child remained is live, though has got serious traumas. As have informed in traffic police of Novokuznetsk, the girl has been hospitalised with crisis of both clavicles, traumatic shock of the first degree, and a brain concussion. Now it is in the first children`s hospital, its status stable.

  - the Child very small, rostikom below a luggage carrier, and in a rear-view mirror its driver simply has not seen, the babe was in so-called « to a blind zone » - Larissa Pljusnina, the senior inspector of branch of propagation OGIBDD on the city of Novokuznetsk has explained the reason of arrival. – nevertheless, upon road accident investigation will be made.