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Training of invalids can be remote

to Vladislav Sharginu 21 year and it is the founder and the project head Remote learning for people with physical inability .

the project Essence consists in development of FREE remote education   in HIGH SCHOOLS for people with physical inability. The majority of people with the limited possibilities from - for physical features frequently cannot simply go every day in institute or university.

Development of qualitative and modern remote education can solve this problem.

In a building of the Government of Moscow
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- the Ideal decision – it, of course, construction of ramps at each entrance where people about physical inability live, in each HIGH SCHOOL of the country, and also the equipment of all public transport, - is told by Vladislav. - however for today it is almost impracticable problem. With the help distantnogo educations it is possible to prepare qualified personnel which taxes can work and pay.

the Project Remote learning for people with physical inability has been presented on Seliger - 2009 and has received positive responses. 14 agreements on support with stars and representatives of the power have been signed.

On a question « Why he was engaged in this project » Vladislav responds:

- the Reasons a little. First of all, my mum has spent 2 years in an invalid carriage. And I fine remember, how during this period it was difficult. If at that point in time there was a remote free training probably life would develop differently. But there is and more one reason. At plenary session of public chamber of the Russian Federation to me have told that with this project I will achieve nothing and that now there are much more important problems, than to be engaged in invalids. And here then the natural obstinacy has forced me to use the best efforts for project development.

Remote learning in country HIGH SCHOOLS   in a mode on - line (through a web - chambers) nothing conceding to the original – here Vladislav`s dream. It is possible to prepare those experts who will work in-home: the bookkeeper, the designer, a web - the designer, the programmer, the proof-reader, the expert in statistics, etc.

Vladislav Shargin
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At people with physical inability there will be a possibility of reception of high-grade higher education. They will have a possibility to get a job. And possibility will take from businessmen for work of the employee, without giving it an office.

the Project became the winner of the All-Russia competition the Volunteer 2009 .

For today the HIGH SCHOOL is found: Odintsovo Humanitarian University which has agreed to pay from own means training for 20 persons. The basic problem consists that nobody is ready to pay training for people with physical inability.

it is unconditional, for today in Russia there is a remote education, however it exists far not in all HIGH SCHOOLS and it paid.


From 12 million people with the physical inability, living in our country, in HIGH SCHOOLS studies only 13 thousand persons. The others cannot graduate because of the physical features and absence in HIGH SCHOOLS of the country of ramps for people in invalid chairs.

the HIGH SCHOOL (Odintsovo Humanitarian University) which realises the project is At present found and will train free of charge the first group of people with physical inability. The training program consists from 72 - uh an hour course « Accounting in small and average business ». At present there is a set of the first group.  

Look a photo gallery: Training of invalids can be remote

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