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The inhabitant of Tver has beaten off the future husband at hooligans, and it has withdrawn it at the groom

But all know that quite often the friendship develops into serious feelings.

Olga Kisljakova and Vlad ShChelokov from the first to the eleventh class studied together. Shared the same desk, the boy dragged a portfolio for the girl, and she allowed it to write off.

Vlad has come to a class where Olga after New Year`s vacation of the first academic year studied.

- it was such quiet and benevolent, and I such small, puny and timid. It was the ringleader and the inventor, - Vlad remembers. - for the sake of justice, it is necessary to tell that it even has once protected me from school hooligans.

children from the senior classes after lessons smoked once behind school, and Vlad passed by. Why hooligans have attacked it, heroes of our history already and will not remember, but Olga, having seen from a window as healthy foreheads have started to throw its friend every which way, has rushed downwards and has beaten off the boy a portfolio.

- it directly as a raven has rushed to protect me, - Vlad remembers, - And allow them to beat on a head a portfolio. It seems to me that these boys so were struck dumb from it that have let me go, and we, without losing time, siganuli in a school building, and then so laughed that stomachs were ill.

after school of road of children have dispersed every which way. Vlad has entered one of the Moscow high schools, and Olga remained in native Tver to comprehend pedagogics elements. On final to ball they have promised each other not to be lost and meet in process of possibilities.

- I remember that at evening before departure to Moscow dialled without a stop its number, but each time dumped, when it lifted a tube, - not without irony Vlad remembers. - All first year at university, I desperately missed, but so has never called. The first time after school we have met in two years then I the first time has kissed her.

Olga in disarray, at all without understanding that occurs and why Vlad makes a declaration of love it, in a panic has escaped.

- so all event was strange that I have thought « the world has gone mad » - Olga speaks. – and then there were as early as two years of its silence. I even have in marriage gathered, however, at evening on the eve of wedding Vlad has called and has told that has returned to Tver. I then have cancelled a celebration. Strange, but he assures me till now that did not know about my wedding. Have met, have talked, and have decided to live together. It has occurred so easy as though all of us this time were lovers the passion between which has ceased, and has then flashed with new force.

Vlad has made the offer of a hand and heart to Olga in a week of their joint life.

- Mum then still for a long time was surprised that at all of us it so has quickly occurred, - Olga marks. – and if to think, we, to the contrary, too long with it pulled, after all sixteen years are familiar.