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The Blagoveshchensk deputies have dared at change of the Charter of a city

Today`s session of a municipal duma has begun, as one would expect, with a question on the project of the new city Charter. The group of deputies has suggested to cancel direct elections of the mayor, as the mayor to consider the chairman of a municipal duma, and on a post of the head of city administration to employ on City competition - the manager. The first on the agenda have taken out a question on carrying out of public hearings on this question. Such hearings – the first and necessary step on a way of acceptance of changes to the city Charter.

- It would be better, if Blagoveshchensk operated city - the manager. Here now at us vacuum of the power a month. And there would be a person on the contract – it would be possible to remove and replace it at any moment with another, - the chairman gordumy Vladimir Kobelev has explained a position of a part of the deputy case. – No infringement of democracy here is present – After all deputies who choose the chairman, citizens, and city select - the manager on a broader scale is employed on rigid competition.

many have disagreed With Vladimir Kobelev.

- We against such amendments to the Charter. I personally think that in this case strengthening of a vertical of the power will go to harm to democratic principles. The population at such system anybody will not consider opinion, - Alexey Suhih , the leader of the Duma communists has declared .

Has urged deputies not to hurry and come back to a thought Sergey Levitsky (the minister in the regional government he has stayed only three days and today has resigned):

- the Project of the decision to us have given out only yesterday. I would suggest to think still before to start it for discussion and the subsequent statement.

- Speech does not go that we now here take and we will approve of the amendment. We suggest to appoint date of public hearings. It is necessary to give the chance for townspeople to be voiced. If the people are for the selected mayor, we will leave all as is, - the leader of fraction « has minded to it; an United Russia » in gordume Edward Hasanshin .

As a result the offer to appoint public hearings the most part of deputies has countenanced. 16 persons have voted for, 7 – against, 3 – has refrained.

Public hearings have appointed to June, 15th. After their carrying out the thought should vote for amendments. They will enter force after the positive conclusion of Office of Public Prosecutor and the statement of the updated Charter in judicial authorities. Amendments to the charter to deputies should be confirmed in the shortest terms. Already on July, 22nd, if the management system in a city does not change, re-elections of the mayor should be appointed.

And at this time

Levitsky has returned to a thought

Unexpected, anyway for journalists, there was today an occurrence in a thought eks - chairman Sergey Levitsky. After all it, having accepted fast of the regional minister and to state employees should there was a deputy mandate to hand over. It has appeared that without having stayed in a ministerial armchair and 4 days, Levitsky has resigned.

- Sergey Levitsky some days estimated scales of works on new fast and all responsibility which on it could lay down. Has probably decided that will not consult and has put in the statement, - has commented on this resignation a press - the secretary of the governor Anton Ivlev .

Levitsky has declared that when it had a choice between the deputy and the minister, he has chosen the deputy. On ministerial fast, as he said, he has agreed only for stabilisation of a political situation in a city. But, eventually, has understood that public and deputy work to it is more to liking.