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The goods from IKEA now in Penza!

the qualitative and inexpensive furniture is popular always. After all for any person there is nothing more expensively and more important, than the house. And the house without furniture, without a case, without pair armchairs and cosy arranged kitchen are simply naked walls. For the decision of this problem also there is company IKEA. Who will refuse to arrange the house not only with taste, but also with real economy for the family budget? Anybody! For this reason company IKEA furniture use considerable popularity both in Europe, and in Russia.
in spite of the fact that in our city there is no shop IKEA, inhabitants of Penza can reserve the pleasant goods in a delivery service.

company IKEA History totals some decades. More than 230 shops of firm have taken place in territory of 24 countries of the world, including in Russia.
except furniture the company sells still set of the various goods: Bedding, ware, trifles are necessary for bathrooms, kitchen, office and a bedroom.

the Most important thing, on what is guided IKEA in the work – this quality.
the goods of this firm are accessible even to families with the modest budget.
furniture irrespective of a case it, an armchair or a rack, should be reliable and durable. And it is not so important, a leah the sofa is made of an expensive oak, or less expensive, but a durable material. The main thing that having bought an armchair, a case or the whole kitchen in company IKEA, you can be assured: purchase not only will bring a cosiness in your house, but also will serve belief and truth many years.

All that is necessary that firm IKEA production would appear in your house – it to choose the pleasant goods on a site www. ikea. ru and to communicate with a delivery service in Penza. All production of shop participating in actions and sales, is accessible to the order and to inhabitants of our city. Term when the order will bring to the buyer, varies from 1,5 till 2 weeks, all depends on goods presence in a shop warehouse. To each client the individual approach, both on delivery terms, and at its cost is applied.

IKEA is immutably high Swedish quality, and immutably reasonable price.

the delivery service Address: street Dzerzhinsky 4, office 315.
Phone: (8412 77 - 52 - 15, 74 - 87 - 42.
the E-mail address: dostavkaikea@mail. ru