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To a heat in Novosibirsk rains

will be added As well as weather forecasters foretold, this week the real summer has come to Novosibirsk. Some days the day temperature in a city keeps around +30. The heat has come at once and suddenly, and now it is difficult to present that else recently all muffled up in blotted jackets and raincoats, and on the thermometer was hardly above a zero of degrees. However in the latter half of the week weather promises us a small respite – rains from now on are expected.

Under forecasts Western - Siberian gidrometeotsentra, today, on June, 9th, will pass under the badge of +24, +26. But heat will be accompanied by rains and thunder-storms though the western wind thus will not amplify. And atmospheric pressure remains at former level – nearby 740 - 742 mm hg

Thus a meteoportal « a Fobos » asserts that tomorrow, on June, 10th, clouds will dissipate again and day will be clear hot and solar. On Thursday will be nearby +26 and above at an easy western wind. And here on Friday in Novosibirsk again zadozhdit – and it will be tightened - on all days off.

is more detailed about weather in feasts read in our Friday number and on our site.

By the way

to Endure a heat in Novosibirsk to hypertensive persons the valerian

From - for scorching the sun will help and closeness arterial pressure instantly raises, and the organism starts to sound alarm. The state of health of these people entirely depends on weather. Frosts in the street – badly, a heat – even worse. And matter is not in the privilege, and the diagnosis which, alas, not to challenge.

Even after such terrible and frosty winter as was this year in Novosibirsk hypertensive persons not are glad to summer. From - for scorching the sun and closeness arterial pressure instantly raises, and the organism starts to sound alarm. Usually there is a headache, dizziness, dimness in eyes, there can be a heartache.

- to Advise to hypertensive persons to accept those or other preparations, without having consulted to the doctor here so simply it is impossible, each person is individual, - Elena Prokhorov, the doctor - the therapist speaks. – in absentia Siberians can give only a few recommendations.

1. Do not eat many salt, it detains water at the expense of what the person feels in an organism worse.
2. Do not carry synthetics, it is possible to dress only free linen clothes.
3. Water in a heat is better for drinking warm or as a last resort cool, only not the ice.
4. For those who has country sites to work on beds it is necessary either till ten mornings or after eight evenings.

And more one nuance. If you suffer affliction from a hypertension, hold always near at hand the old checked up means a valerian or pustyrnik. As emergency medical aid they will have very opportunely.