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Daily in 100 houses novosibirtsev there is no hot water

Hot water arrives in Novosibirsk   it is a little apartment with delay. But we already explained that daily in view of various repair work in a city that include, disconnect apartments from hot water supply. Thus public utilities conduct preparation for a winter season.

for example,   today, on June, 15th,   the picture was that: about 400 houses remained temporarily without hot, but in the evening 200 promised to connect. All of them are in different areas of Novosibirsk on sites where goes according to plan - admonitory repair of the equipment.

- Besides, more than 117 houses without hot now are in the Soviet area in a zone where pass tests   the heating systems going from a boiler-house, - have told to us in « novosibirskgorteploenergo » -   All other houses in our city, will receive water already   on Wednesday. By the end of this day all city will be with hot water supply.

streets in area « the Red hill » (National, Teacher`s) which public utilities promised to connect to hot   past Friday   - already with long-awaited water! It it is valid the same day have given in the evening. Our constant reader   Margarita Titov living to the address the Teacher`s room 24/ 1, has informed that   kommunalshchiki have fulfilled the promise and have connected to input in the specified term. Now inhabitants of this microdistrict should not wait hot till the end of August.

- water   runs from the crane moderately warm, - has told « » Margarita, - Not boiled water, but it is quite possible to accept and wash a shower.   Pleasure, certainly big, and that we already all the summer long « planned » to be without hot water.