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The lonely man took under guardianship of three children

About the private life 51 - summer Valery Stepanenko from small town Valujki of the Belgorod region does not like to speak. Has not developed - and all. Some years ago he has divorced, two adult daughters live separately, at one of them already nine-year son.
to live in loneliness it is bad, and one year ago the man has decided to take kiddies from children`s home. And at once a three!


all Has begun with religious magazine.

- It was brought to me by a companion, knowing that I the person the believer, - remember Valery Vasilevich.

In one of the sections devoted to adoption of children, Stepanenko has read about seven-year brothers - twins and their eight-year sister from children`s home situated near Moscow in settlement Ilinsky.

- Still the boy I carried transfers to boarding school to children from unsuccessful families, then in educational practice supervised over group where was much internatskih... Therefore I know these children, - explains Stepanenko. - And so these three it became a pity to me, already heart has jammed... Has decided them to take away from children`s home. I the person not the poorest - at me two small shops on assemblage of soft case furniture.

Valery Vasilevich has received the Permission to guardianship quickly enough.

- Under the law the trustee can become and the lonely person, - explain in department of public health services and social protection of the Belgorod region. - the main thing that it was healthy, had own habitation, the stable income and it is desirable - the car. At Stepanenko all it is, therefore no problems at it have arisen.

So, Valery has gone to Moscow suburbs - to get acquainted with children.

- While waited for children, in a head the set of thoughts flashed: what to tell, how itself to conduct. . - tells Stepanenko. - I Remember, how it was strongly stirred. Misha, Maxim and Tanja in the first our meeting were laconic. But to explain to them who I such and what for have come, it was not required. My children, as well as all detdomovtsy, knew, how it happens, when you are taken away by adoptive parents. Saw or heard, how it occurred at others. They rejoiced to my ward, but have been a little clamped, skovanny. It and is clear - see me for the first time...

children at all have not asked, where will go. It was all the same if only to live in the present family.  

In this magazine Valery Stepanenko has read about Maxim (at the left), Tana and Mishe.
the Photo: Alla PANASENKO

the NATIVE DAUGHTER HAS fallen in love with KIDS AS the

For daughters of Stepanenko news about « brothers and the sister » was as if a cold shower. The father on anybody did not consult - has simply presented with a fait accompli: has decided to take children from children`s home. Such not at once will go in! Certainly, the relatives tried to overpersuade it:

- Think well, you one live, really at once a three will take...

However 29 - summer Lyudmila has soon accepted and has fallen in love with Mishu, Maxim and Tanju.

- its Children name Ljusej, the son-in-law - Leshej, - Valery Vasilevich rejoices. - And the grandson postreljatami has become friends with mine - do not pour water! They together on carat go.

Stepanenko believes that that hour, when   is near; and 24 - summer Oksana will be pulled to children.

- I Think, when at it the child will appear, she will understand me and will support, - the father hopes.  

At Stepanenko Maxim (at the left), Misha and Tanjusha feel at home.
a photo: Alla PANASENKO

« I to the FATHER HAVE welded SOUP. ITSELF! »

- the First morning when kids have appeared at home, for me has begun with thousand « why » - Valery Vasilevich laughs. - at children of life experience - a zero. We put a potato, and Maxim speaks: « the tree Here will grow, from it a potato we will tear ». We now make up for the missed: I explain that such bread, as   grain as from it the flour turns out grows...

But it not the main problem. Children were very much poor health. To boys have diagnosed « a rickets » there were problems with teeth. At Tani - weak sight.

- At first I bought on three 3-litre jars of fresh milk in day. It has helped them « to be tightened » - the father having many children remembers. - with their half-finished products I do not feed, with tablets I do not stuff. I temper, I drive in pool.

Children are engaged at orthodox school. Love mathematics and Russian.

- Have got rabbits, - tells Stepanenko. - For children - pleasure: to dig grasses, to feed animals.

For Valery Vasilevicha the main thing - more to occupy adoptive children that there was no time to miss and indulge in sad memoirs.

- I most of all like to help the father on the house. When it left for work, I to it have welded soup. Itself! It only has put water, - Tanjushka is proud. - Still I embroider, I spin from beads of animals. I mould from plaster of people, and then I paint a paint. On dances I go, in pool, in a bath, on small river. I here already what suntanned!

- We helped the father with albs! - Misha and Maxim exchange glances. - in church it is beautiful. And at us now it is a lot of friends!

Valery Stepanenko all free time tries to give to the children. On a photo of Misha - extreme at the left, Tanja and Maxim - on the right.
the Photo: Alla PANASENKO