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Vladimir Mukomel managing sector of Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences: the Residence permit is time for cancelling for a long time

Than the authorities when already at last will cancel a residence permit and why in Russia till now practically there is no labour migration can help? About it is in interview to the expert concerning migration the manager. Sector of Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Mukomelem.

ONLY ON caucasus

- It is considered to be the INCREASE IN POPULATION that the basic part of Russians lives by a principle « where were born there and were useful »...

- I would not tell that Russians - essentially the people settled. For example, in Soviet period the majority of citizens of the USSR were mobile enough (except for republics of Central Asia). But at that time people lived in other conditions: to earn on the car - apartment, it was necessary to go to the Far East, to Siberia, to enter in strojotrjady...

- « behind long rouble » As then spoke. And why now Russians do not go anywhere in job searches?

- social communications Have worsened. Today the person can count first of all on a family and the nearest circle of acquaintances. To go to other city dares only in the event that it there has friends. Russians move less. But are ready to go for work in the nearest city - especially if there is a possibility to fulfil some days   and to return to a family.

- the Prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has disposed to prepare to the government a series of measures which will raise mobility of the population.

- Whence there will go the population in search of a better lot? Now the increase in population of able-bodied age occurs only in republics of the North Caucasus. But in other regions of Russia are not ready to reception of migrants from the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia and Dagestan. The relation to natives from the North Caucasus even is worse, than to visitors from the states of Average and Jugo - East Asia, Transcaucasia.

... And the YOUTH SIMPLY is not present

- Perhaps, there are other sources for migration increase?

- Let`s look to truth in eyes - all traditional sources of redistribution of the population in the country are settled. Earlier the problem dared at the expense of village - the village has become deserted. We will involve in this process of women? But also the idle woman - the big rarity. Youth? The youth simply is not present.

And in due course the situation will worsen. Rosstat predicts that by 2030 the population of Russia as a whole will be reduced on 2,8 million person, and the population at able-bodied age will decrease on 12 million.

- the Authorities could settle monocities - bankrupts...

is it is impossible. Present that you the inhabitant of such small town. Have decided to get over in other settlement. Inhabitants of monocities are ready on such step under a condition if the salary on a new place is from 40 - 50 thousand roubles a month. Now they receive, if receive on a broader scale, in 4 - 5 times are less. That is there should be an enormous rupture in the salary that the person compensated rupture of communications with close people. But who will pay so much? It is necessary not to settle a monocity, and to create in them new workplaces...

a Fig. Valentine DRUZHININ


- it is good, well and if the person all - taki has dared and has moved on a new place of work? It here too is waited by an array of problems...

- If you mean obligatory check in in an abiding place, that is intention it to simplify. The federal migratory service in 2010 will present the project which will change requirements to check in to the government. Now at check in registration it is necessary to pester various instances, men should be struck off the register in a military registration and enlistment office in an old residence and to rise on the new. Anything it it will be not necessary. Russians can go on the country as Europeans on the countries of the Schengen zone, and to change a residence, without asking the permission officials. To rise on the migratory account, will send the notice by mail enough. Such procedure for registration already obkatan the authorities on migrants - foreigners.

- Moving in other city, the person has weight of financial problems...

- During crisis the program directed on stimulation of internal moving has been accepted. The grant stands out, - the demountable habitation is paid for a minimum. But some thousand persons have used this program of all.

- Here all - taki Russians in search of a better lot do not want to move...

- Matter is not in it. The number of workplaces on which the worker agrees to go is too limited. Standard vacancy: the doctor - the radiologist in Primorski Territory, payment - 5 - 6 thousand roubles is required. Many experts will go on such conditions? The best workplaces are filled not through a placement service, and through the familiar.

- It turns out, what everything, what it is necessary to raise mobility, the authorities have practically made?

- the Most serious problem is connected by that at us very specific society about what we already spoke was generated. Besides, in migratory questions it is necessary to consider not only interests of the state, but also first of all interests of the person. Not the secret that when we try to solve a problem at the expense of attraction of migrants even from Russia, arises serious pressure between visitors and local population. Expenses on arrangement of life of migrants lay down first of all on shoulders of the territorial budget. It is an occasion to discontent of indigenous population. Therefore local authorities, as a rule, resist to such programs.

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Vladimir MUKOMEL - the doctor of sociological sciences, zavsektorom Institute of sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the middle of 90 - h years worked as the main analyst, the adviser of the Analytical centre of the President of Russia. In 1998 - 1999 - the adviser of Security council.


Migration at level of 1897

If the American on the average moves from one city in another 13 times during life, the Englishman - 7, the Russian - only 1,5 times. Such data results in VTSIOMe. And in due course Russians podrasterjali hunting to change of places: only for 2009 internal migration has decreased from 1,9 million to 1,7 million persons is level of 1897!

In what the reason? Only 35 % do not face problems at check in registration in other city. But the main obstacle - deficiency and as consequence dearness of habitation. In Moscow 15 %, and on the average on the country of apartments of 5 % surrender. Only 5 % of employers are ready to give to the employee - to the beginner a time living space.

Nikolay`s VORONTSOVA Fig.


In the government prepare the document on which to Russians will help with employment with other regions.
our question:
And what you could spodvignut on region change?

Sergey DORENKO, the editor-in-chief of radio station « Russian news service »:

- the Core - all - taki earnings. One curiosity me into regions you will not entice. From this point of view Namibia or Laos would be interesting to me. But for one year I would agree to exchange Moscow for remote places if earnings there were 10 times more. And all the same would conceive it as a damnation - unfortunately, the difference in development of an infrastructure, culture, the Internet is huge.

lord VARSONOFY, a metropolitan Saransk and Mordovian, operating affairs of the Moscow patriarchy:

- Priests of the own free will do not move anywhere. We only on blessing of the Most holy Patriarch move. Will tell to minister in Magadan - we will go to Magadan... I now like to live in Saransk, than in Moscow more: here it is cosy also air more.

Alexeys ALEXANDERS, the prefect of the Central district of Moscow:

- For the life I have lived and have worked in different corners of the country. But Moscow - the most dynamically developing city of Russia. Therefore I consider it as honour to work here.

Alisa GREBENSHCHIKOVA, the actress:

- For me on the first place there is my family. If to me will offer in other region kindergarten, good medical attendance, employment me and my husband I would go.

Xenia the MARTIN, the leader:

- If I will know that to me will offer the same money and habitation that in Moscow, I will go. After institute to me have suggested to fulfil in Sevastopol year so it even was interesting to me - other city... It only those keep for capital, who not the Muscovite. And to Muscovites it nothing to lose: they in Moscow already have a habitation.

Igor BELOBORODOV, the director of Institute of demographic researches:

- would leave Moscow if only to me have suggested to move to the Far East. For a long time dreamt to visit there. Naturally, under condition of granting of habitation, the normal salary, a corresponding infrastructure and elevating.

Alexander of SMITHS, the representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Orenburg:

- At my age me already anywhere you will not entice, I and here am useful. And here by youth attracted the romanticist and extreme conditions that it was possible to check up itself and to form character. If there was a distribution, would jerk where - nibud on BAM or to master a virgin soil.

Dmitry Sergeevich, the reader of a site:

- And I still have exchanged 15 years ago capital for the Tver region. Has met as - that Katku, has suggested to move to Moscow, and it in any. It was necessary most to move. Yes, here it is heavier. But with favourite which will soon present the fifth son!