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Her called Another`s

Another`s is a nickname (or a sobriquet as characters of a picture are expressed) which the girl by name of Angela has received in honour of the hero of the well-known fantastic horror film Ridley Scott. The stranger, as it is known, was inoplanetnoj a creature settling in human bodies, postponing in them eggs and then - at the most inappropriate moment - a victim getting out of a thorax, bringing it incomparable physical and moral crucifyings.  

Angela - to tell the truth, too that still a creature. Manipuljativnaja, prudent, impudent, capable both to betray, and to kill. And besides rather lewd that, of course, least of harms. On the other hand, and the world round Another`s has no to sincere cleanliness and sacred naivety. On a court yard - dashing 90 - e, and Angela whiles away days in the Prague cellar where gipsies rent its juicy, sonorous body of the born prostitute.

to Get out sex - the slave to capital of Czechia there arrives a brigade sorvigolov, whose purpose - to deliver Another`s to the higher gangster authorities for rigid pressure of her brother - murderers. Without wishing to go on sacrifice, the maiden declines to co-habitation of one of bratkov - the blonde on a nickname Bright. Having given to it in   a compartment on a way from Prague, it, figuratively being expressed, postpones eggs in its young organism - certainly, only then to break and its quivering heart, and amicable man`s collective, from which soon there are only memoirs.

the Film is removed close to the text of a novel of the same name of Vladimir Nesterenko (a sobriquet - Adolfych) - the author who was not losing time in nice 1990 - e, it is a lot of that seen and described the impressions, without mincing words and with only it one accessible authenticity.

These sorvigolovy come to send Angela to gangster authorities.

Speak, Nesterenko has found weight of discrepancies in popular films in the people « the Brigade » and « Bumer ». Therefore « Another`s » Adolfych wrote at once in the form of the film script. That has drawn attention of visible producers - Konstantin Ernest and Igor Tolstunova (together made a serial « School ») . On a broader scale producers - the greatest stars « the Stranger ». Improbably, but the fact: in a caption of a film there is no how much - nibud a known name, yes, however, and a caption (initial) in it is not present too. The forbear of a new Russian blockbuster, from the frequent use made absolutely intolerable Bezrukov`s choirs, Habensky and Lizy Seigniorial, Konstantin Ernest has wisely relieved « Another`s » from presence of star physiognomies. They on a root would destroy a plan: to show as much as possible convincing portrait of an epoch which many due to a misunderstanding write off in the past though the half-countries successfully continue to live in a format of a gangster serial.

« Another`s » it is absolutely deprived claims as regards authorship, but manages to make that extremely seldom is possible to the Russian cinematographers, - it is interesting and nezanudno to tell story. Doing without piarovskih props in the form of stars, the picture counts only on itself and a beret exclusively cinema worthiness - muscles of high-grade genre cinema, the authentic characters played excellent (though also unknown persons - so long!) actors, almost faultless rhythm and delightful dialogues on vivacity - practically as at Tarantino.

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