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Sergey Lazarev has congratulated inhabitants of Volgograd on Day of Russia

Day of Russia - a feast youngish, it is marked only by 8 years, since 1992. But, perhaps, still never Volgograd marked it so widely and on the present festively. In the program of Day of Russia appeared motor-show with the master - classes from racers of world level and demonstration of the most unusual cars, competitions with prizes and gifts, a concert with participation of world famous singer Sergey Lazareva, laser show and fireworks. As a result on Saturday, on June, 12th, in city centre has gathered about 70 thousand inhabitants of Volgograd, and to organise this remarkable feast the first all-Russian telecommunications operator - the company « has helped; the Megaphone ». Actions in honour of Day of Russia have coincided with celebrations on the occasion of connection to a network of the operator   in the Volgograd region the million subscriber.

On high speeds

we Will tell at once - those who has passed a feast, can regret for it only bitterly. Impressions, besides only pleasant, - the sea! Agree, it is far not every day to Volgograd there come high-class masters and arrange races on surprising cars. And here - ten rare ancient and modern models at once is more. For example, on the area of the Fallen Fighters it was possible to see « Ford Kupe » 1934 of release or racing superpenalties, as if descended from a line « Formulas - 1 ». Each visitor of a feast could not only admire, but also test at the wheel such car. Participating in competitions and receiving gifts from organizers of a feast, inhabitants of Volgograd stood in line to register in the test - a drive. The sportsman, the racer, the president of the Volgograd federation of go-cart racing, 9 - the multiple champion of the Volgograd region, the prize-winner of the All-Russia competitions on go-cart racing Sergey Kovalenko became the first lucky beggar. Despite distinctions in management, with the problem it has consulted on hurrah. For now Sergey wrote out pirouettes on asphalt, spectators, fading with delight, removed it on video.



- I have received examination by the automatic machine, therefore with quiet soul have arrived on autoshow, - student VolGu Michael Nechaev smiles. - and here my friends are at home and persistently prepare. Is insulting to pass such show! Therefore I remove all on phone and at once I spread in the Internet! The blessing, in a city have started 3G, and it is possible to share operatively the impressions with friends.

On the bottom terrace of quay also was on what to look: though the concert has been planned for the evening, Sergey Lazarev has started to sing even in the afternoon.

- I, as usual, have arrived a little before to adjust a sound, - the singer has explained. - I always act alive, therefore saundchek - very important process. So in advance I ask for forgiveness about those admirers who tried to make the way to me and to take the autograph. I promise - after performance I will communicate to all interested persons!

Having adjusted a sound, Sergey has answered questions of the Volgograd journalists.

- Summer for me - busy season. The festival « will soon take place; the New wave » which I will conduct together with Leroj, further - performance at University game opening. I will write down then a duet with Ani Lorak. Still I am am expected by shooting on television, game at theatre and, of course, numerous tours. It is difficult to present, as though I with all consulted without reliable mobile communication!

the Mention of Lere with which a substitute of little girls recently connects not only friendship, naturally, has called the following question: a leah gathers the actor at last - that to leave barchelor life. Sergey has crafty smiled and has calmed fans: while in his life will change nothing. Also has at last congratulated inhabitants of Volgograd on Day of Russia.

- Day of Russia is a symbol of a national unification and the general responsibility for the present and the future of our Native land. Therefore I, without deliberating, has accepted the invitation to act in Volgograd on June, 12th. From the bottom of the heart I congratulate inhabitants of Volgograd on a feast, I wish their of good luck, good, love and always to be the present patriots of the country.