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World orchestras on a visit to us

June is the end of concert seasons and the beginning of a half-dead season at theatres and concert halls, it is possible when to look only at guest performers and those who entertains foreign tourists.

At this particular time here five years there passes action shaking with the scale - Festival of symphonic orchestras of the world on end.

last years Muscovites and visitors of capital were pleased with the best collectives of Europe. To Moscow there came the most well-known conductors of a planet. This year the festival is devoted dialogue between the West and the East and 20 - letiju dipotnosheny between Russia and South Korea.

Whom we will hear?

Among visitors - one of the oldest symphonic collectives in the world - the Presidential orchestra of Turkey. It exists, it is terrible to present, already more than 180 years (conductor Dzhem Mansur). Will arrive also the Seoul philharmonic orchestra (South Korea, conductor Mjung Vun Chung) which already half a century acquaints the Korean public with the West European music, the Symphonic orchestra India (conductor Alexander Anisimov) - the young ambitious collective created only four years ago. The Chinese national symphonic orchestra which has perfectly proved not only at home, but also abroad, for the first time for fifty years` history its main conductor became the foreigner - Frenchman Michel Plasson.

the Russian side is presented by the Big symphonic orchestra of P.I.Tchaikovsky who this year celebrates the 80 - letie (conductor Alexander Sladkovsky). In the concert program, in particular, the concordance 5 A.Rybnikova, its execution is dated to 65 - letiju the composer. Except BSO, Russia will be presented by the State symphonic orchestra Republics Tatarstans (conductor Fuat Mansurov).

As always, in the festival poster masterpieces of the West European classics, Russian music and the Asian novelties are declared, which else never sounded in Russia.

the Festival will begin on June, 2nd, and will come to the end, as always, on the eve of Day of Russia with the big concert which will give the Symphonic orchestra of India.

WHERE: the Columned hall of the House of the unions, the m. item « Theatrical » street the Big Dmitrovka, 1.


the Most inexpensive tickets for festival sell for 500 roubles - places in an amphitheatre and on a balcony. The orchestra costs from 2000 to 4500 roubles.

the Official distributor - booking agency Parter. ru to Buy tickets it is possible and in the Moscow cash desks.


on June, 2nd the State symphonic orchestra of Republic Tatarstan

the Conductor - Gintaras Rinkjavichjus

on June, 4th the Presidential symphonic orchestra of Turkey

on June, 5th the Chinese national symphonic orchestra  

on June, 8th the Seoul philharmonic orchestra

on June, 9th the Big Symphonic orchestra of P.I.Tchaikovsky.

on June, 11th the Symphonic orchestra of India

the Beginning of concerts in 19. 00.