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In Tula have chosen Ms. of a hostel - 2010

Yesterday, on May, 26th, in club « Casanova » passed competition among the students living in hostels of the Tula state university.

Competition « And well - ka, girls, and well, beauties! » has collected on one scene of the most beautiful and talented students from hostels Ή 1, 3, 6/ 1, 6/ 2, 7, 8.

In competitions 6 commands competed, in each of which was on three girls - participants plus group of support of fellow students.

Struggle passed in 4 stages: traditional salution, creativity competition, dance and a fashionable defile.  

In Tula have chosen Ms. of a hostel - 2010. It is Even more photo in a photo gallery on
the Photo: Alexey FOKIN

Creative competition many students have devoted 65 - letiju Victories. Girls and guys sang military songs and danced to music the Great Patriotic War.

the Last competition was international. The hostel Ή 6/ 1 was represented by students from Turkmenia - « command; Dzhemete » in translation into Russian – « paradise ». In breaks between competitions of visitors black young men - Africans with their traditional dances and students from the Peoples Republic of China entertained. And, certainly, all rest of the time there passed an incendiary student`s disco on a dancing.

Following the results of competition the first place have awarded to « command; ΓξπStyle » (it is mountain - building faculty).

the Second place was divided among themselves by two &ndash commands; « Bagiry » (a national team of faculties of a hostel Ή 8) and « the Lady Fruit candy » (a hostel Ή 1).

Julia ShChuchkina, Svetlana Bychkova and Elena Gueva – participants of won « team; ΓξπStyle » have won the main prize – a trip to Black sea. It already the third under the bill successively victory of a hostel is mountain - building faculty. Talented girls had already a rest on the won vacation packages in Feodosiya and near Novorossisk on Black sea.

Julia ShChuchkina has still won a separate prize of spectator sympathies for the most charming smile – a cosmetics set  .

Correspondents « » have talked to Julia next day after competition:

- Thy sensations after victory? You believed, what your command will win?

- Certainly, we very much were delighted. To tell the truth, nobody expected that we in the third time will defeat. I participate in this competition the fourth year successively. The first time we have taken the fifth place, and then all two times as today, became the best. Many acquaintances and friends even dissuaded me from participation supposedly cannot be such that you in the third time became winners. Only in vain time you will spend. But I have all the same decided to try. As a result – have won!

- What is the time prepared for competition?

- this year all was in very deadlines, about two months. Time catastrophically did not suffice, as it was necessary still to have time to visit employment at university and it is good to study.

- Who for you has come to be ill?

- My friends – fellow students and the young man, Nikita Glagolev. Parents too supported me, only houses, did not go to bed. I after all itself from Novomoskovsk, and competition have ended at midnight.

- you had any signs, prophetic dreams on the eve of competition?

- Prophetic dreams were not, but inside there was a sensation of calmness, a presentiment that all of us - taki again will win.

- After competition you will have a rest?

- Is not present, me yet before rest. I already have had time to hand over today two offsets.

- Thy treasured dream?

- Likely, successfully to hand over session. And the day before I dreamt to win competition of hostels.

the Private affair:

Julia ShChuchkina

Zodiac sign - the Cancer

Favourite colour - yellow

At leisure – walk in the Central park with the young man.