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The vladimirskiy pensioners will deprive of social travel cards?

on June, 15th deputies of regional parliament considered « a question disturbing hearts of pensioners and invalids » as the chairman of committee on economic policy and property ZS Sergey Saharov has noted.

Speech about the social travel card.   in - the first, it will rise in price. The head of regional department of transport Alexander Romanenko has informed that in the regional budget lie only 98 million roubles on indemnification of journey of exempts. Federal money this year will not give. So, on all will not suffice. It is possible to refuse at all, of course, idea of preferential transportations, but « social explosion » as the main transport worker of region has underlined, is necessary to nobody. The travel card price &ndash therefore will grow; with 188 to 210 roubles.
In - the second. The right to purchase of the uniform social travel card at « simple » The pensioners who do not have the additional preferential status, will select at all. Get the travel card those pensioners who have side benefits can only: veterans of work, invalids and etc.
Behind explanations journalists were converted to the official directly and have received indirect acknowledgement: yes, the area will soon cease to finance journey of pensioners. It is burden will lay down on the city authorities — if those want.
- Earlier pensioners of a city of Vladimir received such measure of social support from the regional budget. Money, to put it mildly, comes to an end. Today the right to render the same measures of social support for pensioners is given Vladimir`s administration. Alexander Petrovich can expand the list of exempts! – Alexander Romanenko has underlined.
However the desire not always coincides with possibilities...
- it is very difficult to change now the budget, it all is painted, money everywhere is required, - has told in interview « » mayor Alexander Rybakov. - we finance many programs which it is impossible to refuse. While the decision at area level is not accepted, we will live — we will see.
By the way, under the federal law, pensioners preferential journey also is not put.
is there was a good will of the governor which found money for pensioners. If today to solve nothing, also veterans cannot go! - Alexander Romanenko has told.
And in - the third. Isn`t that so, against such prospect restriction of number of trips on « social » to 35 it seems small trouble? But for at whom ESP it will be saved, restriction will be.
- Even if we will appoint 105 trips, will be dissatisfied which will tell: It is not enough, - the main transport worker of region considers. - but we have an example of Kolchugino where such travel cards operate. From 35 trips on the average people use 27 - 28.
In Kolchugino the travel card represents a set otryvnyh coupons. The similar ticket in Vladimir can look and so, or to turn to a plastic card, or the conductor will leave on it apertures by means of a puncher. 35 trips, assure in « the white house » - not « a ceiling » municipality – the mayoralty, for example, Vladimir – can increase number of trips. If, besides, the vladimirskiy authorities find on it money.
the Decision which will change price ESP and will limit number of trips, some days wait for the signature of the governor. Deputies of Legislative Assembly, in turn, will propose to increase number of trips under this travel card to 60, to vary number of trips depending on a season … Offers weight and what becomes the uniform travel card in the near future – for the present not clearly.
Needy pensioners all these reforms do not concern — at the income there is less than living wage they receive and will receive the social travel card free of charge.

Today in area – 350 thousand lgotopoluchatelej which have the right on social travel cards. In the regional centre use them of 30 thousand.