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For what you wound term, a companion the teacher?

at first on screens there was a feature film « the Teacher in the law ». Protagonist Boris Bogomolov - criminal authority on a nickname of Bogomol. On survey its personal doctor « has sentenced »: from - for brain tumours « to the thief in the law » it is necessary to live half a year.

Bogomol has decided to fasten with the criminal world. Has made through friends the new passport addressed to Boris Bogolyubov and the false diploma of the philologist. Also began to edify in provincial small town Solar. There he has met the beloved to the Lead...

it would Seem, from antecedents does not remain anything...

But the director - the director of a film Alexander Mohov has counted differently and has removed history continuation about Bogomole (actor Yury Beljaev plays). In a serial film which have started to show on NTV channel since June, 15th, Boris decides to go on a meeting of thieves. In a train from the acquaintance he learns that it has son Ivan. Round it all intrigue also is fastened.

- Continuation removed only because there was an interest of spectators. In the first film there were many dots in the ending, people wanted to learn that further, - Alexander Mohov who has acted not only as the director, but also as a script writer of a picture has told. - for me as father (at Alexander two sons. - a bus) This history of relations of the father and the son was interesting.

- At « thieves in the law » if I am not mistaken, should not be neither families, nor children. It turns out, yours « authority » it is far from the presents?

- Is not present, it not so. Before the beginning of work on the first film I met with « thieves in the law » to learn details from their criminal life. Yes, you are right, they cannot have children, apartments, wives. And our Bogomolov meets these requirements. Simply, when it was on otsidke as the normal muzhik met women. One of them has given birth, he at all did not know about it.  

- Spectators when watch a film, start to sympathise with Bogomolovu. A leah normally to have such feeling to the criminal and the criminal?

- the Film first of all about the person. And who it: the cosmonaut, the miner, the militiaman or « the thief in the law » - it is not important. Yes, I do not deny that if my Bogomolov has stayed in prison, means, for something. But we, spectators, empathize it not therefore. Simply it makes acts, actions which us and force to be stirred. Here if it continued to commit crimes, and we would admire it, then it would be a disgrace. Till now I do not understand, how in America murderers, tyrants from Quentin Tarantino`s films became substitutes for people.

- Here you have now told that is not important, who your Bogomolov - the miner or the thief. Would make its miner...

- the Spectator would not understand, for what the miner so is punished by God, and with the thief all is clear at once. It aggravates a situation. And in a film we see a repentance of Bogomolova. The last days he will devote to the son who at a meeting admits that wants, as well as it to be « the thief in the law ». And the father will make everything that Ivan has not gone on this pseudo-heroic way.

- But will end very well, there will be a happy ending?

- I Admit, in the end too there will be many dots, - Alexander Anatolevich has laughed. - if I will gather, I will remove still « the Teacher in the law. The beginning ». I want to tell to spectators story of Bogomolova. As from giving of the father it gets to the criminal world.

Yury Beljaeva`s Hero not only the teacher of the literature. It will help to understand life to the son who will find after years...

« the Teacher in the law. Continuation ». Monday - Thursday, evening, NTV.