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To Polesye two children search for fathers of social orphans

Thanks to the new initiative petrikovskih pravoohranitelej have not got to a shelter, and there were houses with parents. However, now they officially live not with mum deprived of the parental rights, and with the father who recognised paternity and has issued sons on itself. Now the Decree notorious to careless parents 18 began to concern and the men who made children and have forgotten about responsibility. Has come to remember time affairs of loose youth.

- As usual occurs: the woman gives birth to the child out of marriage and writes down it only on itself, becomes single mother even if maintains constant relations with a roommate. Does it from - for material benefits - lonely pay the big grants. Many women become an inveterate drunkard, of them deprive of the parental rights and take away children in a shelter. Under the Decree 18 mother becomes the obliged person, it employ and deduct a salary part on compensation to the state of expenses under the maintenance of the child. As a rule, the percent from mothers arrives small, and even half of expenses to state institutions and trustees does not become covered. But in a shade there are fathers who from the point of view of justice should bear just the same responsibility for children, as well as mums. Therefore we have taken measures on an identification of the fathers which children became social orphans, - has told « » the public prosecutor of Petrikovsky area Vladimir Bobel.

the PATERNITY is proved In COURT

Mission of search of biological fathers assigned to militia and education department. First of all « searchers » interrogate in this respect mothers. If the woman doubts and has variants of the co-author of the child, applicants - men should pass genomnuju examination which will precisely establish the biological parent. Only to pay it mothers should, and there is such examination about a half-million of roubles. Therefore women try to name one candidate for the father. Business is passed in court. If the man opens, to it show the collected proofs and that certificate that during rough time of conception of the child he lived together about a grief - mother.

While in Petrikovsky district court has passed such three processes, and on all the paternity has been established. The parent is offered to take away the child from a shelter and to be engaged in its destiny. If it does not occur, the newly made father loses the parental rights that does not participate in education of the offspring. And too becomes the obliged person, starting to pay to the state indemnification.

- Long to achieve from mothers who is the father of their children, it is not necessary. We convince at once women to name the father, explaining that so it will be fair, if not only it one, but also the father will work and pay for the maintenance of the child, - speak in education department.


the Two men, which steels as fathers under such scheme, to court have agreed to recognise paternity and have started to raise children. But at one fuse for a long time has not sufficed. It has washed down and has run away to Russia on earnings. The man too will be deprived the parental rights, and two its children have already returned on state maintenance.

And the second « the volunteer » on - former nurtures kiddies though problems too are:

- For work long it could not be arranged, it was interrupted by earnings, but with alcohol is not on friendly terms. We in every possible way help it and further it we will do, - the chairman of the Village Soviet has promised.

the Family lives, as before, together, but mum of the rights for two age of three and four years any more has no boys. The woman have deprived of the parental rights when it was single mother. Children were taken away by the authorities and have passed a foster home. But there children have stayed literally week, to the father have suggested to recognise paternity that it and has made and now for boys completely responds. He results and takes away sons from a garden. However, when is late on work, behind them mother comes. « it is visible that children are looked through also the father very much love: always rejoice, when it takes away them » - have told in a local kindergarten.

- I Feel sorry children, they my native. As I could admit, that they have got to another`s people, - the father admits. - here has issued on itself, we live well. Recently it was arranged in our economy with the cattle breeder that a family to provide. Mum too helps.



Till now in Petrikovsky area a situation with reimbursement for the maintenance of social orphans was especially pitiable. The percent of indemnification to the state of the spent money was one of the lowest in the Gomel area and for the first quarter of this year has made only the little more than 30 percent.

As it has appeared, from 75 obliged persons who live in Petrikovsky area, refund expenses in a solidary order only 16, and in other cases such duty was assigned only to lonely mothers. With an innovation of regional Office of Public Prosecutor of payments in the budget has started to arrive for some percent more. But while five biological fathers are found only, searches of the others proceed. They are complicated by that women not can to name precisely the father, and to pay for examination do not want.

the SIGHT With 6 - GO the FLOOR

Interest of the state is absolutely clear. Well-known 18 - j the decree for this purpose also was entered, that those careless parents which not in a status to raise own children, have removed from the state burden of their financial maintenance. And all this search of fathers is connected exclusively with desire to facilitate this burden for and so not mighty now the budget.

And children? If mothers do not hurry to be restored in the parental rights and are ready to pay the alimony what to take from muzhiks whom, can, and the nobility did not know that where - that there live their offsprings. In suddenly woken up fatherly feelings as - that is a little believed. It is even more terrible, if such a grief - fathers take away to themselves children, only not to pay for them to the state.