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On German language inhabitants of Volgograd have written Unified State Examination worst of all

Yesterday the basic wave of uniform state examinations has ended. Pupils have handed over last Unified State Examinations on geography and social science. On them have come more than 8 thousand graduates. Also one of these days results in chemistry and the foreign languages became known, which graduates handed over still on June, 4th. As have told « » in regional committee by training , the chemistry this year was chosen by 1247 persons. Have not passed test of 8,66 %. The maximum point - 91 was received by nine persons. And from 80 points have typed 4,65 %. However this result has appeared better, than last year. Then the two have received 9,52 % of schoolboys.

As to Unified State Examination on a foreign language those who handed over English have shown the best results. From 760 persons test have not passed 3,95 %. Last year this subject have handed over worse. Then the two were at 4,4 % of graduates. The maximum point this year - 95. It was received only by one pupil. Average - 54,77. From 80 points have typed 11 %. In their last year was much more - more than 24 %.

the French language was chosen as Unified State Examination by only 24 persons. And the threshold managed to be overcome all handing over. From 80 to 100 points have typed 8,33 %. The maximum point became 60,8.

- And here results on German language have not pleased. From 69 persons who have chosen this subject, have not passed test of 21,7 % of pupils. We will notice that last year have not handed over its only 8,3 % of graduates. The maximum point, truth, has appeared not so low - 84. The threshold in 80 points was overcome more by than 4 % the person. A mean score in a subject only 38,72. And in 2009 it was 46,3, - experts of regional committee by training speak .

By the way

Those who could not pass the Unified State Examination in good reasons in the basic days, can make it under the decision of the commission and with a substantiation of the reasons in the reserve.

Reserve days of delivery of Unified State Examination:
on June, 17th (Thursday) - foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish), social science, biology, physics;
on June, 18th (Friday) - geography, chemistry, the literature, history, computer science also it is information - communication technologies (IKT);
on June, 19th (Saturday) - Russian;
on June, 21st (Monday) – mathematics.