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It is necessary to search for the serious literature in library, instead of on the Internet


On the occasion of the All-Russian day of libraries which was marked on May, 27th, in a press - the centre « » - Kemerovo » has passed « the Direct line » devoted to this feast. To questions of our readers has responded director GUK « the Kemerovo regional scientific library of V.D.Fedorova » belief of Aleksandrovna NIKULINA.

the schoolboy

- Hello can receive the Library ticket even. I already in library was not for a long time. Now it is possible to find all in the Internet. Tell, please, much to you of readers goes?

- we have a certain readership which many years use library. Students and science officers come. Those who writes course or dissertations. On the Internet, of course, it is a lot of information. But it, as a matter of fact, the big information dump which is badly structured. Any serious things to find not so - that is easy. Besides, we cannot be assured of reliability of the information which gives the Internet. And in our library experts always can give consultation, pick up the necessary literature. We have an arrangement with the Russian state library on use of dissertations from its archives. Our readers can use the electronic scanned variant. But only within the precincts of library. Also I want to tell that in the near future all free the Internet - resources will stop the existence. To download any book, it is necessary to pay money. And the library renders these services absolutely free of charge.

- Hello. Tell and how to join a public library? Any is able to do it?

- Earlier we did not write down students of schools and schoolboys, but now all we take. Even children because the school program has so become complicated that children sometimes simply have no place to get the information more. To register, it is necessary to come simply to us. We give out to the readers the laminated library ticket. It termless so you become our reader on all life.

- And how much it costs?

- We take absolutely symbolical payment - 50 roubles to pay back laminatsiju and the ticket.

Debtors becomes less

- And if I have already been written down, but for a long time did not come? I again should be registered?

- If at you the library ticket it is not necessary was saved. In honour of 90 - letija libraries we have prepared for readers a gift small: old library tickets can be exchanged free of charge on new, beautiful. And if you decide to be registered anew it will be necessary to pay.

- Tell, please, and many people of the book in library do not hand over?

- Recently debtors became much less. Whether citizens at us frighten more conscious steels, whether penalties.

- And how with debtors arrive?

- we Make out the demand in arbitration court. And how much it is possible to call, write! We are on guard of the state property, instead of the private library we distribute. If at the person already decent debt has collected, we have a lawyer who makes all papers, and the debtor in a judicial order returns books and the penalty pays. Besides, we have Days of a pardon. They monthly pass. Readers know already, bring books these days.

in Computer literacy we will train free of charge

- Good afternoon. I know that the library renders various services to the readers. And something new at you has appeared?

- At us together with company Microsoft the Center of computer literacy on May, 27th opens. We accept citizens for training. It is absolutely free, and to be trained in skills of possession by the computer and the Internet any interested person can. We accept both schoolboys, and pensioners.

- And to what programs will train?

- we have different levels of training. For those who absolutely the beginner, also is even courses for experts. More you can receive the detail information by phone (384 - 2) 75 - 79 - 37.

- And you have a site?

- Certainly, and number of our virtual readers all time grows. On our site www. kemrsl. ru there is an information on actions which are spent in library, about new receipts. We have a electronic library. We cannot spread electronic versions of books because it is forbidden by the law. We have an electronic catalogue where you can look, what books are in library funds.