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Slovaks and new Zealanders have established an antirecord [VIDEO]

Vladimir Vajssa`s Command last minute has missed victory in a match with New Zealand.

5500 DOLLARS FOR the TRIP To the republic of South Africa

After first five matches of the World championship in republic of South Africa FIFA has published figures of average attendance of tournament – about 54 thousand spectators on game. « it is more at the given stage was only in 1994, in the World championship in the USA – 69 thousand spectators » - the official communique vigorously said.

However a situation, naturally, not so raduzhna. If to reject a starting match of the republic of South Africa – Mexico many games hardly type 35 thousand spectators. Or do not type, as games South Korea – Greece or Japan – Cameroon.

the Duel of Slovaks and new Zealanders too was not among topovyh. Imagine: for an hour and a half to a match I and could not find at stadium in Rustenburge the New Zealand fan! But has met the fan from this far ocean country.

- It is artful, - it was presented. – yes, here it is a little of us – the person 150. But all very much love football. Because the trip here from New Zealand has managed to everyone in 8000 New Zealand dollars (approximately 5500 US dollars. – a comment red.) . And it is necessary to fly with change in Hong Kong 23 hours. At us not so it is a lot of the fans ready on such exploits for the sake of football. In New Zealand even cricket is more popular, without speaking about Rugby football.

Slovak fans too did not meet almost. Those who came across, the brigade Brazilian media - concern O Globo put to the chamber and interviewed. Exotic!

And the stadium which contains less than 40 thousand spectators, has appeared thin.

AH, the WIND, the WIND...

in general, fans round stadium did not walk almost. Even in the fan - a zone, couple of days ago, hammered against the stop fans of Englishmen, relaxed all the person ten not clear exteriors.

But the wind has cleared up. Almost such as our, Russian trainer Victor Bondarenko who has lived in the south of Africa almost quarter of the century pictured before tournament: « Will fly suddenly, will pick up a ball, will throw in one party, in another – It is good, if in gate will not throw. And then smoetsja as though it also was not ». However, this wind to be washed off anywhere did not want. During the first time he was called to play the party of Slovaks and barrels towards their rival. Only shoot at the goal!

However blows at Slovaks not too turn out. Vladimir Vajss - younger, having passed pair of rivals on dribbling, beats poorly. And Shestak, having rushed in penal, - by gate though the ball flies faster kernels.

If to judge on a starting lineup the national team of New Zealand was going to play football of the middle of the last century – under the scheme 5 - 2 - 3. However in practice it appears that nominal defender Lokhed plays a midfield, and two forwards – Killen and Fellon – basically operate on flanks, and not only in attack, but also in defence.

While Slovaks understand, how much at the rival attacking, Killen misses the first scoring chance. After a canopy the goalkeeper the Fly only from the second attempt takes away a ball. It seems that the Fly has slightly taken down a wind.


But further messengers of Ocenia in attack are modest and harmless. eks - zenitovtsu to Martin Shkrtelu who all - taki left in the field, despite consequences of a recent trauma to strain, as well as to its partners, it is not necessary almost. To a break at new Zealanders, perhaps, still only one moment to cause a stir. But on 29 - j to minute Smeltts from a corner vratarskoj beats in a grid from outer side.

At Vladimir Vajssa`s wards - the senior realnejshy the chance to cause a stir misses Shestak. Having picked up a ball after unsuccessful carrying out of goalkeeper Pestona, it enters in penal from the right flank. Before it only the goalkeeper and gate – be accelerated and beat! But the forward is confused, loses speed and allows to overtake for itself to defenders. Vladimir Vajss annoyancely waves a hand with which it was just covered from the blinding sun.

Where more often, truth, Vladimir Vladimirovich observes of game in Napoleon`s pose, having crossed hands on a chest. For example, in attack time Djuritsy after angular which has already started up a ball a head by the goalkeeper. That is insured, however, by defenders. Or when Gamshik beats under a crossbeam after draw penal. All Slovak bench jumps, looking, as Peston in a jump translates a ball on angular, and Vajss does not move at all.


In a break on the monitor in a press box show quantity of spectators on game – 23 871. There is a tournament antirecord. And then – in the slowed down repetition – feints of Vajssa - younger. Impresses. Considering that on other – left – flank at the Slovak command fills Gamshik from « Napoli » hardly probable not the brightest star of a national team, and in attack – At once three forward, the desire to defeat at Europeans is looked through where more clearly, than at rivals. But it is necessary to hammer! And already against a wind.

However, on weather whims the command Vajssov of attention does not convert. And already on 50 - j to minute Vittek a head precisely closes a strong canopy of Shestaka. Even the trainer of Slovaks forgets about respectability and rushes lengthways brovki, enthusiastically shaking with fists. 1:0!

Now new Zealanders should be more active, and Slovaks can play on counter attacks. It they are able. For example, Vitteku hardly - nearly does not suffice speed to leave in private. And Shestak, having the same possibility, unsuccessfully processes a ball. A bit later one more sharp combination in their execution – defender Read only bright Vitteku in feet discharges a situation in 10 metres from gate.

Slovaks could cause a stir some more time. But instead have passed under the curtain – Read became doubly the hero, having connected to attack and a head having evened up scores. 1:1 – and chances of Slovakia of an exit from group where Italy and Paraguay play, became much worse.

the World championship

the Group stage

Group F

the First tour

New Zealand – Slovakia – 1:1 (1:1)

the Goal: Spot-check, 90. – Vittek, 50.

Preventions: Lokhed, 43. Spot-check, 90. – SHtrba, 56.

New Zealand - Slovakia