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Finns have postponed deportation « the Russian grandmother »

Semiparalysed 82 - the summer old woman Finns planned to send to Russia on June, 16th. But   today the exhausted Russian has got to hospital with a stroke. According to the Finnish lawyer Johana Bekmana, a status of the patient « very serious ».  

Irina Antonova has arrived To Finland two years ago after a stroke where it is nursed by unique daughter Natalia Kjajarik. Since then the family desperately struggles with the Finnish bureaucrats, thirsting to send the old woman home.

the Finnish bureaucrats have finished Irina Antonovu to hospital.

Under local laws, Antonova it is not considered the close relative of the daughter - citizens of Finland and has no right to live in this country. Across all Finland pass actions in support « the Russian grandmother » but the authorities on - former are deaf.

Contrary to the conclusion of doctors that moving will simply kill the Russian, Finns declared date deportation, and in Vyborg for it have already prepared a place at a house for aged. But from - for hospitalisation by Antonovoj moving have as a result postponed. On how much will suffice such « humanities » - it is not known.