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Unified State Examinations in Novosibirsk hand over without infringements and superfluous nerves

Here already, which year examination on « to a society » is the most mass. This year it was chosen by 52 % from total passing the Unified State Examination in this year.

- Examinations pass in a regular mode without gross infringements, -   has told « » the deputy director « the Regional centre of monitoring of education » Nikolay Mogilev, - today more than 200 persons are examined on geography, and on a society - more than 8 thousand. Probably, physics to hand over more difficult, here and choose easier. Infringements during examinations were, but insignificant. Nearby 10 persons are removed from examinations because used mobile phones and cribs. Today, for example,   only on geography it was possible to use a ruler and the calculator.

in general as mark, experts, every year the same reasons of removals. Children why - that make the same mistakes. For those who could not pass the Unified State Examination in the specified day in a good reason (state of emergency or illness), for them are provided reserve days - 7, 18, 19, on June, 21st. And removed from examinations too can hand over in reserve day, but only in the event that on it   will authorise special   the commission and whom will not admit – hand over the next year.

As to psychological state of health faints and nervous breakdowns at passing the Unified State Examination in Novosibirsk and area yet were not.   children endure tests normally.

- All goes easy, stirring, of course, at children is, - speaks   the director of a grammar school 10 Sergey Birjukov, - But who before examination does not worry? It after all important test.
but here on appeals to be fidgety much it was necessary, because not all wishing to change points to the best it is possible. This year on Russian 216 appeals (last year 261) are submitted, and satisfied - 26,   under the literature it is submitted 29 (35), - it is satisfied 6, in biology 23 (39),   and it is satisfied 4, and   so further …

- that year in comparison   with last year appeals it is submitted less, - the chief of department speaks is information - analytical work « the Regional centre of monitoring of education » Elena Piotuh, - But it because this year is less than graduates. All appeals mainly in favour of children. Where objectively there is a possibility to raise a point and the child proves that it is right,   that raise, and where there is no possibility – to the graduate explain that really the estimation is put deservedly.